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City University Malaysia

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About City University Malaysia

City UC is a private university college in Malaysia that offers various undergraduate and postgraduate academic courses as well as Human Resource Training and Development. There are seven faculties available for students in City UC:

  1. Faculty of Business
  2. Faculty of Information Technology
  3. Faculty of Architecture, Engineering & Built Environment
  4. Faculty of Education & Liberal Studies
  5. Faculty of Nursing & Health Sciences
  6. Faculty of Hospitality & Tourism
  7. Faculty of Art & Design

The mission of the University College is to contribute to society through programmes of education excellence, lifelong learning and research by: 

  • Collaborating with world class educational institutions
  • Fostering leadership development to build future leaders
  • Working with decision making bodies
  • Providing professional development opportunities

Campus information

City U is equipped with many facilities for student use.

  • Computer rooms: with most up to date computer equipment and all the addictional and useful hardwears such as scanners, Laser printers,CD writers and so on. 
  • Libarary: It is professionally managed with all the books, journals and other material required for our courses. 

Modern facilities:

  • library (with e-book system)
  • IT lab
  • Arts Studio
  • Engineering Lab
  • Wi-Fi
  • Auditorium
  • Multipurpose Hall
  • Nursing Clinical Unit
  • Cafeteria
  • Student Lounge
  • Student activity areas

City UC is located In the heart of Petaling Jaya town, ten minutes from Kuala Lumpur. City UC is very close to facilities such as public transportations and has easy access to the main road. The nearest LRT station is the Asia Jaya LRT Station. 


City U has reserved three hostels for their students: Damai Court in Puchong, Subang Bistari in Kota Damansara/Shah Alam, and Kasturi Idaman, Section 8, Kota Damansara. Security is very tight in the hostels, as each hostel is guarded by its own management of wardens. Students therefore must abide to all hostel and university rules and regulations.

Students must firstly decide on the type of accommodation they wish for. Room/unit rent costs vary from RM500 to RM2000 or more, depending on the budget. Students are offered a choice of location and accommodation type, like an apartment, condominuim or terrace house, and whether the accommodation is for single or shared use. The IO officer will assist you throughout the process.


Courses available 10

Applied, Pure Sciences 1 Architecture, Building 1 Business, Management 2 Computer Science, IT 2 Creative Arts & Design 2 Engineering 1 Humanities & Social Sciences 2 Mass Communication & Media 2


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