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Under the umbrella of Engineering come a variety of fields and their respective courses, these being Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Electrical Engineering. Diploma courses often offer insight into these fields, touching on several aspects of them without investing much depth, which is required in Engineering Degree courses instead of Diplomas. These Diploma courses, then, tend to span a duration of two years, as compared to Degree courses which tend to be a minimum of three years. Students hoping to enroll into Diploma in Engineering courses in Malaysia may also not be required to have completed a pre-university qualification, making it a popular pathway into an eventual Engineering Degree course as well.

However, as a potential Engineer there are several skills students need to be equipped with or grow into, such as the ability to think creatively and solve problems logically among several other qualities. A background where students excelled in Mathematics and a genuine passion for the subject is a great plus as well, considering students may deal with numbers for the majority of their Diploma in Engineering course.


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