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Everything about studying Marketing in Canada.

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Have you ever thought why the chips packets are half-empty? Why do you think chocolates and mints are always near the cashier counters? These are some of the formulae by marketing professionals. 

Through marketing, consumers are able to know the use and quality of goods or services produced by a company. A good marketing strategy can provide information to consumers so they know the things they are buying or using.

Markets value every teeny tiny information for business development and promotion.

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What is Marketing all about?

Marketing is a bachelor's degree that is pursued by students to help them become experts in managing a business in all forms. It could be a startup or a huge organisation. 

Studying Marketing could be for any purpose either to start one's own business or to manage a bigger scale organisation. Marketing involves identifying, creating and communicating the value of the products or services to an audience.

For example, the 11.11 sale, a couple of years ago this was not even a trend yet but marketers come up with creative ways to promote their business products or services using online platforms and communicating with everyone through SMSs, newsletters etc. 

As one branch of the business, marketing is very important for increasing company profits, also for increasing consumer knowledge of the quality of the products they need.

Soft skills that you will learn from a Marketing course come directly and indirectly in lectures. This is not only useful to apply if you want to pursue a career in marketing but also useful if you choose to pursue a career in another field. 

In addition, not only in professional life, but the soft skills that you will get can also be useful in your personal and social life.

What are the major fields in Marketing?

As mentioned before, the Marketing course comprises a wide range of organisation management studies. 

  • Advertising and Promotions: Involves marketing communications with wider audiences via media, newsletters, billboards.

  • Public and Media Relations: Involves managing and collaborating with external parties like media agencies for promotional communications 

  • Market Research: Involves gathering valuable information from potential or current customers to facilitate strategic marketing decisions

  • Brand Management: Involves in dealing with preservation and cultivation of business goodwill

  • Sales: Business operations and strategies that involve in selling products and services in return for profit

  • Marketing Research and Methodology: Involves gathering information and research on consumer behaviour and current market trends 

What kind of subjects are taught in Marketing course?

Many degree courses in Marketing follow professional body guidelines. 

The subjects that you come across will vary, depending on the specialisation that you take in the major. 

A glimpse of subjects that are offered in Waikato University

Year 1

  • Macroeconomics Policy 
  • Intro to Financial Accounting 
  • Intro to Org Behaviour 
  • Principles of Marketing 
  • Marketing Strategy

Year 2

  • Business Statistics
  • Managerial Economics 
  • Information Systems
  • Introduction to Finance
  • Marketing Research

Year 3

  • International Business 
  • Operations Management
  • Social Context of Business 
  • Strategic Management
  • Consumer Behaviour 
  • Marketing & Society 
  • Services Marketing


  • Marketing Planning 
  • New Products 
  • Brand Management 
  • Marketing Analytics 
  • Advertising and Media 
  • Sales Management 
  • Business to Business Marketing 
  • Retail Management
  • International Marketing Mgmt 

What are the skills and characteristics needed for Marketing course?

marketing skills

Check the following qualities before you decide on taking this course to ensure that you’re prepared:

1. Love exploring into new ideas
Marketing is all about exploring and working on new ideas. As marketers work in various industries, they are required to come up with various ideas to create brand recognition and create product values according to consumer behaviour.

2. Good and persuasive communication skills
If you are friendly in nature and have good communication skills you are almost for this field. As you will be interacting with people for products or service marketing, it will be crucial to be able to communicate and interact confidently with others. 

3. Teamwork
Marketing involves interacting with others working on product development and collaborate with outside parties like agents. This involves an environment of working with others.

4. Able to think out of the box
As a graduate majoring in Marketing, you are required to have problem-solving skills and be able to think differently from the others. Various jobs in the marketing world require a lot of fresh, innovative and creative ideas to be completed.

New ideas tend to be more acceptable and understood by consumers who are your target market.

Thankfully, you’ll get the training you need when pursuing a Marketing degree. 

What are the best Universities to study Marketing course in Canada?

University of British Columbia

The table below showcases some of Canada's top universities, according to 2021 QS Universities:


World Ranking

University of Toronto


McGill University


University of British Columbia


Universite de Montreal


University of Alberta


McMaster University


University of Waterloo


Queen’s University at Kingston


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What is the career and salary outlook for Marketing graduates in Canada like?

marketing career

You can find various careers in Marketing. 

Salaries and outlook for future job growth are dependent on the degree of Marketing you have, as well as the area, or type of marketing you pursue

So, what can you do with your Marketing degree? Check out the list below:

  • Market Research Analyst
  • Marketing Executive
  • Media Executive
  • Public Relations Executive
  • Brands Consultant
  • Marketing Consultant
  • Customer Relationship Associate
  • Business Development Executive

The below table showcases the different types of jobs within Marketing and the expected salary in Canada according to PayScale:


Estimated Salary

Market Analyst

$C 65,000 - 110,000 per year

Marketing Executive

$C 50,000 - 60,000 per year

PR Executive

$C 70,000 - 120,000 per year

Brands Consultant

$C 65,000 - 100,000 per year

Customer Relationship Associate

$C 70,000 - 110,000 per year

Business Development Executive

$C 45,000 - 140,000 per year

How long is the duration of studies for Marketing course in Canada?

The duration of studies will depend on the level of studies and the country that is taken. 

Study Levels


Bachelor’s Degree

3  years

Master’s Degree

1-2 years

Doctoral Degree

2-4 years

What are the entry requirements for Marketing course in Canada?

Each university and country has different entry requirements and the list below does not generalise the entry requirement of universities as a whole. 

Bachelor’s Degree 




Min. 3 passes.

International Baccalaureate

Min. 26 points


IELTS (minimum 6.0 overall), TOEFL (minimum 550 or 80)

Master’s Degree

Bachelor’s Degree

Min. B/ B+ average


IELTS (min. 7.0 overall) or TOEFL (min. 650 or 90)

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How much is the tuition fee to study Marketing courses in Canada?

There is a different variant to tuition fees in Canada, depending on the university that is chosen. 

The estimated tuition fee per year for Marketing course in the top universities in Canada can be seen here:


Estimated Fees (per year)

Bachelor’s Degree

$C 22,000 - 33,000 / RM70,000 - RM105,000

Master’s Degree

$C 20,000 - 30,000 / RM64,000 - RM95,000


$C 5,000 - 15,000 / RM19,000 - RM48,000

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The fee above only covers the tuition fee and not other additional fees nor living expenses. 

Living expenses of students in Canada depend on the location of the university and the city that you live in.


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