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Study Engineering in Canada

Forty types of engineering degrees with approximately 10 different job fields, thus plenty of choice!

Whether you choose to study on a campus like Concordia University, the University of Waterloo or the University of Alberta, you'll find a number of engineering programs open to qualified students in Canada. Engineering is a field of study that looks at how specific items work and the best way of designing those products. Though you may think that engineering programs are all the same, you actually have the option of studying different types of engineering, including civil, computer, biomedical, mechanical or even architectural. With a number of great colleges that offer bachelor and master degree programs, you'll surely find a great school for you.

Eligibility Requirements

While Canadian schools offer online applications, you should always look at the eligibility requirements before submitting an application. You'll need to meet both the general requirements necessary of all students and any specific requirements of the engineering program.

Basic requirements include:

  1. Graduation from high school
  2. A passing grade on an English as a second language exam.

If applying for a master or graduate program, you will need to:

  1. Submit a transcript that shows you finished a bachelor's degree. 
  2. Have a familiarity with math classes 
  3. Have a familiarity with science classes.

Cost of Studying Engineering in Canada

Many international students worry about moving to Canada for college because they think it will cost too much. While it will cost more than it would cost to attend a local program, the benefits you get make the price worthwhile. The cost can range from around $7,000 to around $20,000 a year. As a foreign student, you should look into any financing programs offered by those colleges. The schools may offer a lowered tuition option, payment plans or even grants and scholarships for qualified students.


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