5 Future-Proof Courses That You Must Consider

September 29, 2022


  • Unemployment
  • Undercompensation
  • Unrealistic expectations

If the above hits close to home, our guess is that you are either a university student, a fresh graduate, or a high school graduate worried about your future.

In fact, it is common for students to be stressed about their future before even graduating or joining the job market. We don’t blame you for feeling this way - the uncertainty the future entails can be quite overwhelming even to adults.

As a high school graduate, you have a better chance of planning your moves toward your desired career pathway. Why? Simply because you have not enrolled in any course or university.

By choosing the right programme, you will be well on your way to a future-proof career that remains relevant and in-demand.

Keep reading as we explore programmes with the potential to surpass the uncertainties ahead.

Future-proof programmes that won’t become obsolete

Mechatronics/Robotics Engineering

White robot in mechatronics engineering.

Image source: Pexels

Remember when Industrial Revolution 4.0 made waves across the globe? Well, that phase is about to raise its bars higher as the world welcomes the Fifth Industrial Revolution, or Industry 5.0. 

But does this mean anything to you? Absolutely.

Industry 5.0 is set to revolutionise the manufacturing industry. We are ready to take the collaboration between humans and robots a notch further, and mechatronics engineering will play an enormous role in making that happen.

Mechatronics engineering involves the combination of computer, software, mechanical, and electrical elements to improve smart systems and technologies involving robots, artificial intelligence, automation, computer integration, and more.

If your interest lies in robotics and artificial intelligence, mechatronics engineering is definitely something you should consider because you will find endless possibilities in this field.

Computer Science

Computer screens in a computer lab.

Image source: Pexels

Another programme closely tied to the Fifth Industrial Revolution, computer science involves handling computers and their systems. You will be the go-to person when it comes to the development, design and application of software systems in certain machines and robots.

So, if mechatronics engineering is not something you like, you can consider computer science too.

It will also remain evergreen as digital technology advances. Online businesses and websites need a computer scientist to help them solve problems using technical solutions. As the demand for these experts continues to grow, rest assured that you will find plenty of job opportunities in this field.


A nurse wearing eye shield and face mask.

Image source: Pexels

While the first two programmes mainly focus on elevating efficiency and productivity, nursing focuses on improving the health and wellbeing of humans.

Besides caring for patients’ health and injuries, nurses also extend their compassion as part of their role as a healthcare personnel. 

Human emotions like empathy and compassion are things that cannot be replicated by robots and machines. They make a huge difference in the level of quality of their services, hence making this occupation uniquely human and meaningful.

If you are someone who enjoys connecting with others, have high levels of empathy, is patient and extremely tolerant, you will find nursing to be the ideal career for you.


Enough of science-related jobs. What about something that ignites your creativity instead?

Everywhere you look, chances are, a part of marketing is involved. For example, when you walk around a shopping mall and notice a large poster indicating a 50% discount for all merchandise of your favourite brand, what will you do? 

If your first move is to head towards that shop, then the marketing team behind the campaign would have succeeded at some point of their marketing strategy. 

Marketing will always stay relevant because the consumers of products and services are still humans, after all. And for a brand to survive and thrive, an effective marketing campaign is needed to create an in-depth understanding of their target customers.

On top of marketing, you can also venture into digital marketing in particular due to the rise of e-commerce ever since the pandemic hit.

Game Design and Development

Man and woman wearing VR headsets.

Image source: Pexels

Moving on to the fun part: video games.

The video game industry is unique in the sense that it combines creativity, logic and lots of technological skills. Your role as a game developer covers creating storylines and character biographies, and translating them into codes and building the game framework, to name a few.

Your skills should include artistic abilities, creativity, graphic design, coding languages, computer systems and software, attention to detail, and more.

Keep in mind that a career in the industry is not for everyone, as you will most likely work more hours than an ordinary corporate employee. However, the outcome will be worth it as you see your ideas come to life as an actual video game.

Is there a programme that piqued your interest? We hope you’ll be able to make a better decision after this article!


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