Best and Worst Jobs in Malaysia for Fresh Graduates

September 26, 2022


Fresh graduates working their first job.

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Fresh graduates are usually concerned about their first jobs:

“Will I like this job?”
“Will I be able to stay here for 5 years?”
“Am I on the right career path?”

To put your heart at ease, it is best to do your research on the job market. Aside from taking up a job that you’re passionate about, you should also consider the demand of a job and whether it will stay relevant or turn obsolete in the future.

Without further ado, here are some of the best and worst jobs in Malaysia for fresh graduates

Best Jobs in Malaysia

1. Medical Professionals and Specialists in Rural Areas


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While the supply and demand for doctors, nurses and specialists are still going strong, there is another area that is often overlooked: medical professionals and specialists in rural areas.

Health care is easily accessible in urban and suburban areas, but that is usually not the case for those living in rural areas and the underprivileged. There will always be a high demand for these roles, so do give it a try if you’re passionate about health care, medicine, and helping others.

Choosing to work in those areas may not be easy as you will encounter various challenges along the way. However, working in rural areas as a medical practitioner will open your eyes and inspire you to help people further.

2. IT-related specialists for e-commerce

Online businesses are blooming everywhere as the world shifts towards the digital age. E-commerce is now such a common shopping platform that some may find online shopping much more convenient. Hence, jobs in this area will never go obsolete.

To keep up with the industry, IT specialists are needed in certain areas to ensure pleasant experience and smooth transactions between buyers and sellers. IT specialists are mostly needed in these areas for companies to better engage with their users:

  • Social media
  • Cyber security
  • Software development
  • Mobile app and website development

3. Experts in other engineering branches

Engineering stretches further to other components, such as chemical, civil, computer , electrical and mechanical engineering, to name a few. Most of them are crucial in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR 4.0). 

The future is all about technology now. A career in engineering will never go wrong as engineers will always be needed to conceptualise, build, and operate certain machines and systems. 

4. Educators

The word teach spelled out in blocks.

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Teaching is one of the jobs that may never be replaced by robots.  While technology certainly helps students in certain ways, such as connectivity and convenience, it still falls short and will never fully replace the quality of teaching delivered by humans.

Classroom culture is nurtured by teachers and educators who connect with their students at an emotional level. Teachers instill values in their students, motivate, and inspire them through interpersonal relationships that robots simply cannot replicate.

5. The beauty and wellness industry

Facial spa.

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People are more self-conscious about their appearances. Maintenance of skin, hair, nails, and the overall well-being of their body is crucial to some people, and many are willing to pay thousands just for that.

And to earn that much, you must first be an expert in those fields. Beauticians actually have high salaries as their experience and expertise get better. Additionally, having good people skills can take you far in the industry. Some of the up-and-coming careers in this line of work are:

  • Spa therapist
  • Beautician
  • Dermatologist 
  • Beauty advisor
  • Make-up artist
  • Hair stylist
  • Nail technician

Challenging Jobs in Malaysia

1. Telemarketing

Telemarketing, or the marketing of a product or service over phone calls and the internet can be exhausting especially if you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into to begin with. 

With the number of phone call scams increasing, many are skeptical when it comes to receiving calls from telemarketers. This will be challenging if you have a quota to achieve as part of your job.

2. Customer service

Customer service is known for its notoriously long working hours and odd-hour shifts. It is also mentally taxing to listen to customers’ complaints and verbal abuse. The salary usually starts from RM 1,500, which is considered quite low compared to the challenges that come with the job.

3. Daycare assistant

Working in preschools as a daycare assistant is no easy task. 

Firstly, you are dealing with another person’s child - that itself is a huge responsibility. Then, you are also expected to make sure their well-being is taken care of whilst under your care. Aside from feeding, changing diapers, bathing and feeding them, the children’s safety is also fully under your care. Multiple this by 5 to 10 children, and you will be physically and mentally exhausted in no time.

Plus, you may encounter parents who are too demanding or lack understanding and empathy towards daycare assistants.

4. Restaurant servers

Does this even need explanation?

Restaurant and fast food servers rarely get a breather once their shift begins. From serving customers and keying in the right orders to handling the cash register and cleaning up, these servers must be good at multitasking while maintaining a pleasant behaviour.

The salary usually starts from RM 1,100, and we certainly think servers deserve more than that!

Bear in mind that the lists above only serve as a guide to help with your job research. You can certainly still try out all the jobs stated above and who knows, you might find your calling!

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