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Rolling news coverage: EU Referendum

14 June 2016 - 

Keep up to date with Kent's experts as they provide new insights and perspectives on key Referendum issues for UK and international media.


EU Referendum


Recent selected coverage includes:

  • ‘Combative Brexiter who took control of Vote Leave operation ‘ – Professor Matthew Goodwin’s comments on campaign events in The Financial Times 
  • ‘Brexit and the undecided voter ‘ – Professor Matthew Goodwin’s comments on polling in The Hindu
  • Professor Richard Whitman on Daily Politics commenting on migration (available here  at 8 minutes)
  • Professor Matthew Goodwin on BBC Newsnight commenting on voting (available here  at 5 minutes)
  • USA Today and Chicago Sun-times – U.K.’s Cameron: Brexit would ‘put a bomb under our economy’  – Professor Matthew Goodwin
  • Professor Mathew Goodwin’s comments on Brexit polls in The Business Times , Bangkok Post  and Yahoo News .
  • ‘U.K. Using Mild Humor to Ramp Up Referendum Turnout’ – Professor Matthew Goodwin in the Wall Street Journal 
  • Professor Matthew Goodwin’s comments on UKIP picked up in News Week  and RT .
  • ‘Massive generational divide marks ‘Brexit’ debate’ – Professor Richard Whitman in USA Today  
  • Professor Matthew Goodwin in the Financial Times – Battle over Brexit targets Conservative voters  and in The Australian – UK pollsters face own referendum as Brexit vote looms 
  • ‘In the ground war for the June 23 referendum, the Remain camp is making smarter choices and reaching more voters’. Read Professor Matthew Goodwin’s article in Politico
  • Professor Matthew Goodwin’s study on campaign events in The Economist .
  • Professor Matthew Goodwin’s comments picked up in various French national press including Le Matin , Le Point , L’Express  and RFI .
  • The Sun – ‘Blow for Leave supporters as figures show Remain is winning the Brexit ground war’  – Professor Matthew Goodwin.
  • The Telegraph – ‘EU Referendum: 30 MPs and peers demand government removes pro-EU websites by end of week’  – Professor Matthew Goodwin
  • Bloomberg – ‘Europe’s Troubles Pile Up at Home as Leaders Cross Globe for G-7′ , ‘U.K. Pro-EU Campaign Asks Gove to Show Economic Case for Brexit’   and ‘Net Migration to U.K. Rises to Near Peak, Adding to Brexit Mix’  – comments from Professor Matthew Goodwin
  • The Telegraph reports on ‘leading academic guru on the polls and data surrounding the EU referendum’ Professor Matthew Goodwin’s speech at Chatham House on 25 May
  • Professor Richard Whitman quoted in Les Echos

Previous selected coverage includes:

  • Dr Adrian Pabst on BBC Sunday Politics SE (available here at 46 minutes), on voter engagement
  • Professor Richard Whitman, writing for Kent On Sunday (p 20) , looks at how to find clear answers to issues on Referendum debate
  • Professor Matthew Goodwin in The Sun: now ‘It’s all about mobilisation rather than persuasion’ 
  • Professor Richard Whitman on the Big question: Will there be a second EU referendum?  – Prospect Magazine
  • Opinion polls and the Referendum – Professor Matthew Goodwin comment in City A.M .
  • Dr Toni Haastrup asks Is it really that difficult to find women to talk about the EU Referendum?  – LSE Impact Blog
  • Professor Richard Whitman addresses what’s at stake in the referendum for the UK’s foreign and security policy  for Belgian’s Egmont Royal Institute for International Relations
  • “UK’s referendum is playing havoc with the timetable to further deepen security and defence co-operation within the EU ” says Professor Richard Whitman in The Times Redbox
  • What Future For The UK Outside The EU?  – Op ed by Professor Richard Whitman in Eurasia Review
  • Read Professor Richard Whitman’s article for Public Finance on Security in the EU referendum debate 
  • Professor Matthew Goodwin’s research referenced in Reuters syndicated article ‘English malaise stirs yearning for divorce from European Union’. Includes coverage in: New York Times , The Mail Online , Yahoo! India , The West Australian , Channel NewsAsia  and 
  • – Professor Matthew Goodwin – 5 ways David Cameron wins Brexit referendum 
  • Professor Richard Whitman’s comments on Obama and the Brexit debate picked up by the Mail Online, State of the State KS , The Straits Times , The Daily Chappaqua  and Huewire News
  • ITV – Professor Richard Whitman – Finding the facts: The truth behind referendum claims on EU borders and security 
  • “…if overall turnout is 50-55%, Brexit may well win ” – Professor Matthew Goodwin in The Economist
  • FT – ‘Enthusiasm gap’ could lead to Brexit  – Professor Matthew Goodwin
  • Kent on Sunday – Legal impact of a possible Brexit  – David Radlett
  • Newsweek Europe – Will David Cameron’s Crises Boost Brexit?  – Professor Matthew Goodwin
  • – Why the UK Labour Party holds the key to Britain’s EU referendum  – article by Dr Adrian Pabst
  • Referendum, What Referendum? – Professor Matthew Goodwin contributes to an article  in The Economist
  • – Professor Matthew Goodwin – Brussels attacks change Brexit climate 
  • Expatica Netherlands – Professor Matthew Goodwin – ‘Project Fear’ stalks Britain’s EU Referendum campaign 
  • Kent on Sunday – Christopher Rootes, Professor of Environmental Politics and Political Sociology – EU referendum: a changing climate 
  • The Times Red Box –  ‘Where’s the poll bounce Mr Cameron? ‘ – Professor Matthew Goodwin
  • Financial Times – ‘All is not well among the UKIP leader’s flock ‘ – Professor Matthew Goodwin
  • Wall Street Journal – ‘Rivalries in the leave camp don’t appear to have hurt their backing in opinion polls ‘ – Professor Matthew Goodwin
  • Professor Matthew Goodwin (syndicated) – “Labour support risks Cameron’s Brexit campaign ” – Digital Journal, EU Business, Yahoo!, GlobalPost, France24, MSB Germany, The West Australian
  • Dr Fragkiskos Filippaios, Reader in International Business, in Kent on Sunday – a look at the impact the referendum could have on business 
  • Kent on Sunday – Dr Heejung Chung, Senior Lecturer in Sociology and Social Policy – “the pros and cons for workers’ rights”


 By Gary Hughes

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