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4 Reasons Why You should Continue Your Study during the Pandemic at UNIRAZAK

“Is now a really good time to pursue my education with the pandemic still going around Malaysia?” 

We know many of you school leavers are asking this question while we all adapt in the normal. Not knowing when things will improve, you should not put your future on pause! 

Here are 4 reasons why you should continue your study during the pandemic at UNIRAZAK.

  1. Blended Learning 

Also known as hybrid learning, blended learning is a method of teaching that integrates technology to your usual physical classes which is an absolute necessity now that a global health crisis is going on. In order to adapt to the new normal, everyone in the education sector is working hard to figure out the best ways to ensure every student’s education journey is efficient. Meanwhile, UNIRAZAK has always been ready to cater to the industry’s growing demand by prepping our graduates to be future-ready. With that purpose in mind, UROX was long established as our online learning platform as a practical step to adapt Razakians to the Age of Information and ensure that online teaching and learning can be more exciting, stimulating and engaging for both students and teachers. UROX is backed by a dedicated team that works continuously to ensure the system’s effectiveness and efficiency from time to time as well as filled with effective functional learning materials prepared by our quality teaching staff. By integrating with a well-known learning management system; Canvas that is now used by more than 3000 universities and institutions, UROX is created for easy navigation and to be user-friendly as it is accessible through web browsers or downloadable on any mobile device. Just like that, your education can commence immediately anywhere around the world in the safety and sanctity of your own space. 

At the same time, UNIRAZAK also realises the importance of conventional face-to-face interaction between teachers and students while experiencing real university life. Since UNIRAZAK is located strategically in the city centre, you don’t have to worry about commuting for classes. An LRT station that’s connected to all major routes is only a few minutes away on foot. Meetup with your study buddies over lunch at the campus cafe or get your cravings fixed with hundreds of choices of contactless deliveries. Our campus is sanitised regularly with a strict adherence to the SOP as advised by the World Health Organization (WHO) so that our students will feel safe being around the campus and freely use the facilities provided. 

  1. Collaboration with professional industrial partners

It can be overwhelming to choose the right university that can help you kickstart your professional journey, especially in these trying times. Did you know that UNIRAZAK offers extraordinary programs that can assist you in boosting your career towards continuous success? With collaborations with key industrial players like Certified Practising Accountant (CPA), Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and Chamrun Digital, UNIRAZAK provides the tools you will need to stand out amongst the crowd during this difficult chapter and lead the success of the industry’s growing demand. 

  1. Affordable fees for Undergraduate programmes

The pandemic has definitely impacted the economic situation of the world and some are more badly affected than others. However, it is a good practice in this situation for everyone to come up with good financial strategies that will help us navigate through the difficult times. The sooner we start to save as much as possible, the better we get to plan our future without having to sacrifice our goals. As one of the certified universities in Malaysia to offer affordable fees for undergraduate programmes, you are still able to chase your dream while saving costs here at UNIRAZAK. 

  1. Multiple choice of financial assistance under MARA

A governmental agency, MARA offers education loans for students at selected university for 2020. Looking to cater to different needs, MARA has set up Tertiary Education Sponsorship Programme (TESP) for undergraduates while Graduate Excellence Programme (GREP) will accommodate postgraduates with convertible loans at UNIRAZAK. TESP offers a total of 11 bachelor programs at UNIRAZAK while GREP offers convertible loans for Masters in Business Administration, Master in Management and PhD programs. To know more about the programs offered and how to apply for MARA’s convertible loans, you can go to their website at www.mara.gov.my. Be sure not to miss the application date for TESP before 13th November 2020 and GREP’s closing date of 17th October 2020. Now with plenty of choices for financial assistance, you are one step closer to success.

We hope that with these reasons, you’ll realise that you can further your studies during the pandemic for a better chance of a good career after graduation. With the right team and resources here at UNIRAZAK, you are carving your path towards limitless accomplishments.

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