3 reasons why you should get an Australian Degree - locally!

February 21, 2018

EasyUni Staff


Ask anybody where they want to go to university and many to be sure would have dreams of studying abroad in countries like Australia. On that particular side of the world, opportunities seem to be growing from trees but for a large number of us, going overseas can be challenging for various reasons, and in the end, we might have to bury that dream for another day.

But what if you can get an Australian degree without having to board a plane and leave home for a couple of years?

What if it’s possible to grasp a degree scroll from globally recognised Australian institutions available for you right here in your own backyard?

Why an Australian degree, specifically? Find out, below:

1. Become a member of a globally recognised institution - locally!

Some of us may be considering to further our studies locally where things are still within our budget (and familiarity!). However, don’t limit yourself to the few choices in your hand - why not add on a few options at obtaining your Australian degree without having to leave home and forking out so much cash for tuition abroad?

Here's the gist: Australian education is no joke, having been ranked at the top in many sectors of education and study areas on a global level. In fact, six Australian universities are ranked within the top 100 universities in the world, including University of Melbourne, Australian National University, and the University of Sydney.

What this all means is that you may be signing up for an institution that is part of the world’s 1% top universities.

Branches of established Australian institutions in other countries offer a similar learning experience as to the ones in Australia, with modern teaching methods and facilities that have been adapted to accommodate students’ needs fully. Safe to say, you can rest assured that receiving education qualifications at international standards and recognition is within your grasp.

What’s more is that you may have a chance to actually study abroad! Enrolling in an Australian university locally can help you to transfer your credits and articulate pathways for you to complete your studies in a recognised institution in Australia and other countries. With more time and savings prior to that, you can realise your dreams and study abroad.


2. Impeccable student and graduate employability

Studying in an Australian university locally can increase your chances of being employed by a prospective employer upon graduation, locally or internationally both. Whether it is an extended branch from Australia or institutions that have partnerships with their Australian counterpart, they both promise at providing courses that have a practical focus and offering students like you on-the-job, practical experience. You will receive the opportunity to learn from experienced staff and benefit from exposure to the industry through internships, practical assignments and field trips, exquisite insights into the latest market trends and skills that would become your asset and contribute better to the industry.

What will make your Australian degree truly different to others is that your learning environment provides you with a student-focused learning support and the flexibility to tailor your learning experience to achieve your desired professional ambitions?


3. It’s a bubblier melting pot of culture here

Being in your country for a large part of your life basically means you have seen just how colourful the different communities and people are here. With that in mind, perhaps a friend, an aunt or uncle may have once upon a time told you how flying abroad provides you with more opportunities for meeting new people and freshen your perspective. Although that isn’t entirely wrong, you can face the same experience right at home, with Australian universities often attracting students from a spectrum of cultures and communities.  


What do we mean by locally? In countries such as Malaysia, several foreign institutions have established branches attracting both local and other international students. Among these are three prestigious campuses:

  1. Monash University Malaysia Campus

    • Globally ranked in the Top 100 of the Times Higher Education top institution list

    • Popular for its Business and Engineering courses

  2. Curtin University Sarawak

    • 5 Stars on the QS University Rankings

    • Impressive courses in Business and Environmental Engineering

  3. Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak

    • Well known for courses in Science, Engineering, Technology, and Business.


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