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8 Sunway University Courses That You Should Study in 2022

March 14, 2022


Sunway University campus.

Image source: Sunway University Facebook

Sunway University: Ranking and Achievements

Sunway University has carved its name as one of Malaysia’s top private universities. As a relatively young university (est. 2004), it has some incredible achievements:

  • #651-700 in QS Global World Rankings 2022
  • 473rd World's Most Sustainable University in 2020
  • Top 1.5% of universities in Asia
  • Top 150 universities in the world under 50 years old
  • 5-star “Excellent” rating by the Malaysian government (SETARA)

Location and Facilities

It is common knowledge among local and international students that the university has much to offer besides high-quality education.

Based in the infamous Sunway City where food, entertainment and transportation are all easily accessible, the university itself offers state-of-the-art campus facilities that meet students’ needs.

Sunway City canopy walk.

Image source: Sunway City website

From on-campus sports facilities to a safe canopy walkway that connects students to various landmarks of Sunway City (Sunway Lagoon Theme Park, Sunway Pyramid Mall, Sunway Medical Centre), the university ensures that students get the best of their university life here. 

Partnership with Lancaster University

Sunway University has established a close relationship with Lancaster University (United Kingdom). For most courses, graduates will receive two certificates upon graduation from Sunway University and Lancaster University.

Best Degrees to Study in 2022

Intakes for most courses are in January, March, and August. Without further ado, here are 8 best degrees that you should study in Sunway University:

1. Accounting and Finance

Sunway University offers a 3-year Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance. The curriculum mainly focuses on career-relevant subject areas, such as audit engagement, corporate reporting, financial control, performance management, professional ethics, regulatory compliance, and treasury.

Gearing up for a promising career aside, you will also pick up leadership, teamwork, negotiation, and communication skills that are essential for professional and personal growth.

According to PayScale, accounting fresh graduates can earn up to RM 41,000 a year. Other career prospects include:

  • Auditor
  • Banker
  • Corporate treasurer
  • Financial controller
  • Management consultant
  • Chief financial officer

2. Psychology 

By studying Psychology, you will gain a deeper understanding of the complexities of human behaviour, as well as evaluate and help people in need of mental health care. 

Psychologist holding notepad.

The BSc (Hons) Psychology covers a vast area of human psychology. The curriculum includes studies related to normal and abnormal behaviour, and dealing with factors that affect human psychology (biological/social/individual). You will participate in supervised fieldwork that allows you to step into a real-world setting and apply the skills and knowledge you have acquired.

Your career prospects are not limited to the field itself. You can still venture into other industries, such as advertising, marketing, journalism, law, and public relations.

An early career Clinical Psychologist can earn from RM 46,000 a year. You can also look into other options, such as:

  • Behaviour therapist/assistant
  • Child development consultant
  • Occupational consultant
  • Academic psychologist
  • Forensic psychologist
  • Education consultant

3. Computer Science

Thanks to the 4th Industrial Revolution, the field of computer science is more important than before. This means the industry is in need of more computer science specialists in 2022 and beyond.

Sunway University’s BSc (Hons) in Computer Science offers an in-depth foundation of the course. The curriculum includes the development of systems infrastructure, software/application technologies (web browsers or databases), as well as technical knowledge in theoretical algorithms, software development, computing solutions and more. 

You will also learn to analyse, model, design, develop, and evaluate computing solutions to solve issues faced by the industry today. 

Entry-level web developers can earn from RM 30,000 a year. Other career options include:

  • Mobile application developer
  • Software engineer
  • Game developer
  • Chief technology officer
  • Computer systems analyst
  • Web developer

4. Communication

Be industry-ready in Corporate Communication and Public Relations with the BA (Hons) in Communication

Built to be holistic, creative and innovative, the programme gives you the opportunity to get up-close and personal with industry experts through workshops, seminars, and projects that equip you with the skills you need to succeed.

The Communication and Networking Club is also a good place for budding event planners to gain hands-on experience, as you will get to organise field trips, festivals, and community service events with your peers.

A fresh grad Public Relations Specialist can earn up to RM 45,000 a year, depending on the company. With a degree in communications, your career prospects include:

  • Public relations manager
  • Media planner
  • Branding strategist
  • Event coordinator
  • Social media manager
  • Community outreach coordinator

5. Culinary Management

Food is another form of art. Sunway’s BSc (Hons) in Culinary Management equips you with the practical know-how and the skills to manage and lead in the industry.

Culinary Management by Sunway University.

Image source: Sunway University website

Classes include lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on experiences, which is something students always look forward to. The university’s state-of-the-art kitchen, beverage laboratory, and kitchens (cuisine, pastry, demo) are fully equipped for real-life scenarios of food preparation and presentation. You also get to intern in famous hotels, such as the Shangri-La, JW Mariott, Hilton Kuala Lumpur, and more. 

Your degree is accredited by Le Cordon Bleu, one of the most prestigious and distinguished culinary arts and hospitality organisations in the world. 

A Restaurant Manager’s salary can start from RM 34,000 a year. You can also look into other careers such as:

  • Restaurant entrepreneur
  • Executive chef / Chef de Cuisine
  • Kitchen manager
  • Food critic / writer
  • In-flight food manager
  • Corporate chef

6. Information Technology (IT)

Just like Computer Science, the IT field is moving fast in 2022 and there is a constant need for new talents to join the industry.

Sunway’s BSc (Hons) Information Technology gears you up to be market-ready graduates fully equipped with a balanced knowledge in software development and hardware infrastructure. Here, you will learn how to develop a technological infrastructure that can help support users.

This is the best course to pursue if you plan to specialise in computing and IT. An IT specialist can actually earn up to RM 48,000 per year with less than 3 years of experience! There are also other equally interesting careers such as:

  • System engineer
  • E-commerce architect
  • Network specialist
  • Database architect
  • Computer programmer
  • User experience designer

7. Medical Biotechnology

Medical biotechnology plays a huge role in combating the COVID-19 virus and other life-threatening diseases. Join other medical biotechnologists in improving life through Sunway’s BSc (Hons) Medical Biotechnology.

You will learn how to research living cells and materials to develop pharmaceutical products that can save lives. The programme places emphasis on research skills, so you can transition into postgraduate studies with ease.

Medical biotechnology at Sunway University.

Image source: Sunway University website

Careers in this field are very rewarding as you will provide great help to the health and pharmaceutical sectors. As a medical biotechnology graduate, you can earn up to RM 40,000 a year, depending on your level of expertise. You can explore other industries related to the programme, such as:

  • Healthcare
  • Forensics
  • Industrial and environment
  • Agriculture
  • Food manufacturing

8. International Business

Why go domestic when you can go international with business? Recognising the need for graduates to thrive in global business, Sunway University offers BSc (Hons) in International Business to prepare students for an international business environment

In this course, you will learn about the development, implementation, and how to deal with managerial issues at a global scale. The curriculum is also designed to equip students with the ever-changing business trends, with subjects like International Economics, International Business Law, and more. 

You will receive three certificates upon completion of the course from Sunway University, Lancaster University, and Chartered Management Institute (Level 5 Diploma in Professional Qualification in Management and Leadership).

An entry-level Business Consultant can earn from RM 36,000 a year. With a degree in International Business, you can also work as:

  • Human resource consultant (MNC companies)
  • International trade manager
  • Business development manager
  • Marketing executive
  • Financial trader
  • Import/Export manager

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