Things You Should Know About Aussie Culture Before You Go There

April 04, 2024

EasyUni Staff

Before you get onboard the plane to head over to Australia, it’d be good to have an idea of how the culture is like living there - from the people, food, lifestyle, perceptions and practices. This sunny yet mysterious nation filled with the top most dangerous creatures and animals may leave you kinda nervous. But, fret not! We’ve come up with a cool and quirky list of very uniquely Australian oddities and peculiarities to armour up your knowledge of Aussie culture before you head there.

You’re a Big Boss? - Nobody cares

Aussies are a real laid back bunch. Unlike most Asian cultures that typically act more formal towards the elderly, Aussies are casual even to the elderly. Don’t expect a formal “Mr” or “Mrs” or even the typical Asian way of calling an elderly “Uncle” or “Aunty.” Here, just calling someone mate will do. No one cares much about how much money you earn, your background, age or social status. 

Warm climate with chilled-out people

The chilled-out mentality of the Aussies also mean they don’t practice the concept of praise. You can literally save someone's life and just hear something like “thanks, mate” or if you’re lucky, maybe, just maybe, you could be invited for a casual dinner.

Some say Aussies doesn’t know what service means too. So, don’t be surprised if you have to go to the counter to pay for the order in the restaurant. In cabs, feel free to sit on the passenger seat as taxi driver don’t want to feel like a chauffeur.

Black humor

Australian humor is often ironic and somewhat irrelevant with a hint of mockery. Just take this as an example: The National day of Australia basically celebrates the first landing of a ship full of prisoners on Australian land. Talk about light self-criticism and mockery here. Many don’t get it but it’s best you get used to this chilled out culture.

Crazy for bananas

Banana bread is honestly like religion in Australia. You will find it on every breakfast menu. Learn to love it. It’s super delish! And if you’re hardcore, there are a ton of recipes online for you to bake it yourself!

How to be an Australian

There’s a load of things to love about Australia. The Aussies believe on simple but key principles of freedom, equality and multiculturalism shared by all. Plus, they believe they live in the best country in the world and it’s hard to deny - great food, awesome weather, fantastic beaches and cool people certainly gets Australia up there in one of the most desired countries in the world to live. 

Wanna get a real sense of Aussie life? Head on to watch footie and I’m sure Ozzie fans would welcome you with open arms. Another very Aussie thing would be their fascination with barbeques, or as called by the locals, barby - they love that stuff and what’s not to love? Grilled grubs and iced cold beer by the beach = A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

Have you been to Australia? Did you experienced cultural shock?

Share your views and experiences with us by hitting us up at [email protected].


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