The fashionista blogger next door: Justin Borja

November 11, 2017

EasyUni Staff

Where and what do you study?
I’m currently taking up my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Operations Management at De La Salle University - Dasmarinas in the Philippines.


What are your passions?
I believe in creating leaders through the youth to develop my country, the Philippines. Through purposeful collaboration and a belief that we can play our part, together we can make a difference.


How do you balance your time studying, being socially active and being a fashion blogger?
I know it sounds serious,  but I use a matrix wherein I categorize the things I have to do as Important, Not Important, Urgent, and Not Urgent. This way, I can easily keep track if I’m missing out on my deadlines or if I can still squeeze in some blog posts. Mind you, that juggling academics, blogging, and your social life is definitely going to be a pain. But, as long as you feel happy in what you’re doing, you’ll never feel tired or stressed.


How did you start blogging and why did you choose to blog about fashion?
I cringe whenever I look at photos of myself - how I dressed, and the way I presented myself. It was frustrating and I decided then to change my life and started blogging about fashion. While it wasn’t easy (as I had zero knowledge on fashion), I believe when you write with the heart, it comes off naturally. With hard work and perseverance, at 16, I landed my first magazine editorial, alongside other fashion-savvy people I never thought I’d be associated with. It was a great feeling. 



How would you describe your personal style?
I’m kind of a mix between a laid-back/ minimalist style with streetwear. While I love experimenting styles, the tee + jeans combo is my go-to look as it’s easy to pull off without compensating great style. As I move into the corporate world, I’m investing more into crisp shirts and fitted pants.


What or who are your inspirations?
Easy, the streets. I don’t browse over the Internet for new trends. I’m inspired when I walk the streets and soak up the lifestyle trends from graffitis, artworks, designs, and people. I like how colors, patterns and lighting come together, inspiring me further to re-assess my own style.


I know that you’ve been to Malaysia. So, what are some main differences in street style in Malaysia and Philippines?
In the Philippines, style is pretty much based on “going with the flow,” depending on the mood and of course, the tropical weather. It’s funny seeing how quickly fashion can shift from tank tops & shorts one day, to jackets and pants the next. In Philippines, the mantra is Bahala Na, or “Whatever goes.” Malaysia though, is more influenced by Western culture - from branded streetwear, trendy kicks, pompadour lifestyle, etc. I’m all for it though as it makes people unique!

What is your advice for fashion bloggers who’re just starting out?
Know who you are. Don’t create a blog just because it’s a “thing.” Ask yourself the purpose of creating this blog, and once you have that, you’ll find yourself enjoying every moment of it with your readers. Blogging may seem easy, but connecting with your readers is another story. So, have your own sense of style and write well. 


What you are planning to do after graduation? 
I, too would want to experience going on exchange. There are a lot of things I still have to learn and I believe that by going out of my comfort zone and taking the leap of faith, can give me a great deal of knowledge in which would change my perspective in life. 

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