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Be Inspired: 10 Young Malaysians Listed in Forbes’ List

November 11, 2017

EasyUni Staff

Forbes’ “30 Under 30 Asia 2016” put together some of Asia’s brightest and biggest young game changers. The personalities were nominated by the readers and reviewed by Forbes according to their accomplishments, impact and goals.


Yunalis Mat Zara'ai (Yuna), 29

Yunalis Mat Zara'ai

Studied Law at Universiti Teknologi MARA
Career: singer and entrepreneur

This talented Malaysian singer/songwriter started writing songs at the age of 14 and from then on serenaded her fans with her easy to listen voice. Yuna has travelled and performed around Malaysia and eventually conquered the world stage with her chart-topping hits “Dan Sebenarnya,” “Rocket,” “Falling,” and “Crush,” which she performed with RnB superstar Usher. But did you also know that Yuna actually completed a degree in law at UiTM? Besides music, she is also into fashion, and has started her own store “iamjetfuelshop” which later renamed into “novemberculture.”


Yeoh Choo Kuan, 27

Yeoh Choo Kuan

Studied Diploma in Fine Arts at Dasein Academy of Art
Career: contemporary artist

Although he came from a traditional Malaysian Chinese family, Yeoh tackled more daring themes - exploring his identity and sexuality through his artworks called ‘fleshing abstraction’, Yeoh expressed his creativity through his paintings which were exhibited in Malaysia, Philippines and Hong Kong. (https://www.artsy.net/artist/yeoh-choo-kuan


Teoh Wee Kiat, 27

Teoh Wee Kiat

Studied Finance & Accounting at Nottingham University
Career: co-founder of myBurgerLab

Teoh is the co-founder of myBurgerLab, one of the most popular gourmet burger joints in Malaysia. Started in 2012, the franchise now has grown into four outlets located in Sea Park, OUG, Sunway, and Cyberjaya. What is his secret to success? Experiment and persistence!


Faeez Fadhlillah, 29

Faeez Fadhlillah

Studied Engineering at University of Sydney
Career: co-founder and CEO of Tripfez

Faeez, together with his partner Juergen Callist, founded Tripfez - a company that provides Muslim-friendly tour packages. His popular travel portal which provides hotel and tour packages to Muslim travellers has become one of must-visit travel websites as it allows Muslim travelers to search and book places according to their needs.


Ian Chua, 27

Ian Chua

Studied BSc. Computer Science at University of Adelaide
Career: co-founder and CEO of Hermo

Ian formed Hermo while he was still in college. After he graduated in 2012, his online cosmetics retailer website has become one of the most popular sites for beauty. His success is due to their excellent customer service and wide variety of products.


Sylvia Yin, 23


Sylvia Yin



Studied BA. Economics at Durham University
Career: co-founder and COO of Shoppr

An Economics graduate, Sylvia worked together with a bunch of college friends to form Shoppr - a Tinder-like clothing recommendations based on brands across Southeast Asia.


Johnny Mayo, 29

Johnny Mayo

Career: co-founder of Neuroware

In 2015, Johnny led Neuroware, “a team of technologists that helps organisations and individuals explore, adopt, and implement distributed ledger technology,” to organise the world's first bank-backed blockchain hackathon in Singapore. His company also mentored Asia's first bank-sponsored accelerator.


John-son Oei, 28

John-son Oei

Studied Mass Communication & Media Management at Taylor’s University
Career: founder and CEO of EPIC Collaborative

EPIC (Extraordinary People Impacting Community) is a collaborative platform that gathers ordinary people to create positive change in the underprivileged communities. John-son believes that “mass numbers of people engaging in tiny purposeful actions” is the key to sustainable social change. His passion has driven him to come up with a revolutionary way of tackling social challenges.


Zikry Kholil, 29

Zikry Kholil

Studied Masters in International Masters in Regional Integration at University Malaya
Career: co-founder and GEO of Incitement

After venturing in various industries including entertainment and sports, Zikry wished to make a difference in humanity. That’s why in 2011, he founded Incitement to connect volunteers and corporate sponsors to various good causes.


Diani Lee Cheng Ni, 27

Diani Lee Cheng Ni

Studied BSc. International Relations and Global Business at University of Southern California
Career: general manager of Country Heights Holdings

Diani started as a special projects manager in Country Heights Holdings and soon climbed her way to the top to become the corporate group marketing and communications manager of the same company in 2013. In addition to holding a degree in international relations and global business, she is also a Malaysian national equestrian dressage athlete.

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