9 Signs That You Are From Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP)

November 26, 2017

EasyUni Staff

Pravin Nair

Pravin Nair, UTP. If you have a problem with this post, contact this guy. Just kidding!

We asked Pravin on what are the signs that you are from UTP and here are some the things he has to say...

1. There is always "Monkey Business" happening.

monkeys staring at you
Surrounded by mostly trees and greeneries, you have to expect some wildlife which can be seen scatter around the UTP campus and mostly, the spotlight has been taken by the monkeys. "We do have the kind of monkeys that can remove number plates from cars, you better believe it," says Pravin. The monkeys are usually up for mischief especially when it’s concerning food and clothes. They are seen scouring around the stalls and dustbins (even stole some food right off the table, if you’re not careful). The monkeys are even seen communing in a large group, probably planning to take over UTP’s food supply. A word of advice from Pravin, "when you’re around UTP, remember to keep yourself and your food away from the monkeys." #RealStoryBro

2. We have a really cool Chancellor Hall and Library

UTP library and a student like a boss
"Common in most universities in Malaysia, we do have a huge and majestic Chancellor hall and we are proud to present people with our glorious modern library." Apart from the UFO-like structure the Chancellor hall sits together with the library in the same building. The jaw-dropping aspect of this library is the fact that it has a modern architecture design, the books can be visible from the outside and tempt anyone from the outside to take a look inside. It is definitely a popular study spot for the UTPians, even if you are not a book worm. The air conditioning is glorious and spacious with a complete set of furniture, machines and computers that are available for students' convenience. The library also brights up beautifully at night. No excuses for not studying, peeps.

3. We are proud of the UTP "War Cry"

this is Sparta UTP's warcry
Every university in Malaysia probably has their very own personal war cry for sports and events, to call upon the fighting spirits. As for UTP students, I am sure most of you are familiar with the one that goes “yala oi yala oi yala oi, yala yala yala oi oi oi!” during sports events and sometimes, even in the toilet for some unknown reason. Nothing beats a full spirit war cry even if it comes off as loud and annoying. Believe it, you’ll remember the watrr cry even when you’re old.

4. UTP gave us major trust issues on the cafeteria during Raya season.

major trust issues
Nothing beats the usual ‘Janji Melayu’ when it comes to UTP's infamous cafeteria. "Putting up signs that they will open during Hari Raya but they are never open and students with empty stomachs will be forced to find other food outlets." It’s not the only place with food that is for sure but then again it’s the nearest, cheapest and most convenient for the students who just got out of beds with their pajamas and slippers to find grub.

5. We love it when the New Rich arrive every semester

I just got my allowance face
Never say never to free treats, right? At the beginning of each semester, you can spot those with scholarships -PTPTN, JPA, MARA, and others, whose money have just been deposited into their bank account, when they offer to sponsor their friends for pizzas and other delicious, mouth watering, and expensive food, just because they can afford it. UTPians call them the “Orang Kaya Baru” now, then back to eating maggi cup at the end of the semester because everybody’s broke.

6. Habibis, Habibis everywhere

arabs in UTP
For some reason, there are too many habibis (In Arabic, it means "my love") here in UTP, there’s even a Habibi shop. "Habibi/s is a friendly term we use to refer to our Arab friends," adds Pravin. Since UTP is under the major oil company of PETRONAS, it pulls in people from the Saudi Arabia Emirates undergraduates, postgraduates, lecturers and researchers to UTP. As a result, they have a huge community of their own, and the habibis are here to stay and blend in with the culture of the UTPians. We are truly multicultural.

7. When you want to relax Billions is an option

sometimes I need to relax cat
As a student who is young and almost free, nobody could hold the urge to have fun and escape the hectic life of assignments and quizzes, even for awhile. For UTP students, however, being surrounded mainly by forests there’s not much to enjoy but worry not, Billion will come to the rescue. It is not anything fancy like Mid Valley or Setia City Mall, but at least there’s a theater for the students to relax and hang out with their friends after lectures.

8. Beware of the uptight Campus Security Guards

kepoh police officers
You know you're in UTP when the security guard stops you for more than 5 minutes just for them to check whether you have your student card with you. Otherwise, prepare yourself for a ticket. It’s a hassle because it feels like everything students do will cause them to get a ticket, especially for students with personal vehicles. In UTP, it’s easier to move around with any sort of transportation, due to its huge campus ground unless you want to work out a sweat. And parking? Not even possible!

9. And lastly Seniors Are the Best!

seniors welcoming freshmen
"There's this ritual where you should become a facilitator for the orientation week, to have first hand look at the chicks for the boys or hot freshmen for girls. Just kidding on the hot freshmen part!" says Pravin. Orientation week is usually the time for seniors to take ‘revenge’ by ‘bullying’ the freshmen, as they experienced the same thing. However, there is not a single real bullying case reported. Seniors and Juniors are slowly getting to know each other, receiving guidance and tips from their seniors which benefits both parties. Either way, it is definitely an honor for the seniors to welcome the freshmen being part of the UTP to pursue their dreams and career.
There’s a joke about UTP, it is situated in Toronto (because Tronoh) and it’s near Ottawa (because AIR TAWAR) get it? get it?
Do you agree with the signs posted here about UTP students? Why not you send your comments to [email protected] or write in the comments below and we will include what you have in mind.

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