What to expect in law school? Here’s the final verdict

March 30, 2022


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If you are interested in justice and law enforcement, you should consider pursuing a legal profession.

A legal profession simply means a career related to law and legal study.

Ever wondered what it’s like to get a law degree in Malaysia? Read on to learn more.

Advocate vs Solicitor: What’s the difference?

First of all, you should be able to differentiate these legal roles before you go to law school and explore the different areas of law practice. In Malaysia, lawyers usually specialise either as advocates or solicitors.

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Advocate - A legal professional who is qualified to represent and act on behalf of an individual in court, usually in criminal trials (crime-related) or civil trials (conflict between two private parties). Advocates have taken and passed the bar exam, which allows them to appear in court.

Solicitor - They are lawyers who graduated from law school equipped with legal training. They can provide legal advice as consultants, such as in contracts and legal letters. They can only appear as advocates in lower courts.

Prosecutors on the other hand, are lawyers in criminal court who try to prove that a defendant is guilty of the crime they are charged with on behalf of the state.

Is a law degree hard?

This is the burning question every budding lawyer asks before they decide to go to law school.

We won’t sugarcoat the fact that law is not easy.

However, you will find studying law interesting and rewarding when you can finally use your knowledge and experience for the betterment of society.

Here’s what you should know before getting a law degree in Malaysia:

1. There is a lot of reading.

You might think that you are the perfect candidate for a law degree just by being an avid reader. 

Truth is, many law students admitted that they were not not prepared for the amount of cases they had to read and analyse

Besides studying interesting cases, you will be reading academics’ opinions about them, which aren’t exactly leisure reading either!

2. Law books aren’t cheap.

Law textbooks can be quite expensive, especially brand new ones.

Certain books can even cost up to RM 300! Law students would usually buy secondhand books from seniors or lecturers, or borrow from the library. You might even score extra notes from your seniors that can be really useful!

3. Sacrifices must be made.

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If you are someone who likes to hang out with friends on evenings or weekends, it is time to rethink your choice to study law.

Things can get very intense in law school because there is a lot of information to digest and exams to pass. From analysing cases to applying your knowledge to solve them, you will find yourself constantly rejecting meet-ups to study and research in your free time.

4. You must be a good communicator.

It is a given that communication skills are vital in a law course in Malaysia. 

You will be writing and speaking a lot, as well as making sure you can effectively communicate your points. It is best to master at least one language that you can confidently use in court. You don’t want to be tongue-tied!

5. You will bear a huge responsibility.

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A legal profession may give you better status, prestige, as well as a higher salary, but the responsibility that comes with the role is not an easy one to bear. 

You will certainly deal with a lot of pressure as your decisions will directly impact a person’s fate. Therefore, you must be fully prepared for the stress during your studies and in your legal career.

6. It is a rewarding career despite the challenges.

As a lawyer, working long hours is an expected part of your legal career. With so much to read and research, it can feel overwhelming. 

However, despite the challenges, you are making a difference in people’s lives by upholding the rule of law and winning cases for your clients.

Top universities with law courses in Malaysia

Universiti Malaya (UM)
Fees: RM 8,900

International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM)
RM 550 (per semester)

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)
Fees: RM 49,900

Taylor’s University 
Fees: RM 104,522

Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM)
Fees: RM 1,419 per semester

Brickfields Asia College (BAC)
Fees: RM 33,000 - RM 100,000

Advance Tertiary College (ATC)
Fees: RM 40,000

For more information about these law schools, click here

Can I get a part-time law degree in Malaysia?

A part-time law degree is suitable for those who are working or switching careers. You can study law part-time at private higher education institutions that offer this option. 

This way, you can attend classes on the weekends or evenings while studying the same syllabus as full-time students.

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