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Study Foundation in Business in Malaysia

Interested in learning the basics of business management? We've got you covered!

Foundation of Business Administration

In today's fast-paced business world, it is evident that many individuals are venturing into entrepreneurship. Some are choosing e-commerce platforms, while others are establishing physical brick-and-mortar stores. Regardless of the product or service they intend to offer, having a basic understanding of business is important.

While knowledge about business is readily available from various sources, such as attending seminars hosted by experienced entrepreneurs, lacking this foundational knowledge may hinder your ability to comprehend and navigate the complexities of the business world.

Moreover, with Malaysia's economy on the rise, many industries and opportunities await those willing to explore the business world. By equipping yourself with a strong foundation in business, you'll be better prepared to seize these opportunities and navigate this competitive landscape with confidence.

Therefore, if you're passionate about business and driven to succeed, enrolling in a Foundation in Business program is your first step toward a promising future.

Let's explore essential information about the Foundation in Business program in Malaysia through this guide.

What will you study in Business fields?

You might assume that studying business only involves management-related aspects, right? However, were you aware that academic business courses cover much more than that?

In addition to management, you will also learn accounting, finance, statistics, economics, and marketing.

This field is important as it provides a solid foundation that not only prepares you for higher education but also lays the groundwork for future entrepreneurial ventures and leadership roles within the corporate world.

As a result, universities in Malaysia also integrate various soft skills into your learning experience, such as critical thinking and decision-making, to ensure that you can fully understand and apply both theoretical and practical knowledge in real-world scenarios.

What is the duration of the Foundation in Business program?

Usually, the Foundation in Business program in Malaysia spans one year and is offered on a full-time basis. 

During this year of study, you will acquire basic knowledge and competencies necessary for pursuing higher education in business-related fields at the degree level.

Understanding the subjects taught at this foundation level is essential as it allows you to identify your strengths and weaknesses in the field of business. This will help you determine which business-related subjects you will pursue at the degree level.

What are the requirements to pursue this course?

  • SPM/ SPMV: At least 5 credits, inclusive of English and Mathematics
  • O-Level: Pass with minimum 5 credits 
  • Unified Examination Certificate (UEC): Pass with minimum grade B in at least 3 subjects 
  • And other equivalent qualifications recognized by the Malaysian government

What is the tuition fee for this program?

Tuition fees for Foundation in Business programs vary among institutions in Malaysia, but it is typically ranging from RM5,000 to RM40,000 (USD 1,055 - USD 8,441)

Where can you study Foundation in Business in Malaysia?

For those interested in furthering their tertiary education in Malaysia, here is a list of universities that offer Foundation in Business:

1. Multimedia University 

2. INTI International College Subang

3. Management and Science University (MSU)

4. UniKL

5. MAHSA University 

6. SEGi College

8. Taylor's College

9. University of Southampton Malaysia

Universities in Malaysia

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What subjects are included in the curriculum?

The curriculum of a Foundation in Business program may vary between institutions, but typically, you will study the following subjects:

  • Introduction to Business Mathematics
  • English for Academic Purposes
  • Statistics I and II 
  • Introduction to Finance
  • Critical and Creative Thinking Skills
  • Basic Computing 

What skills are required for this program?

Deciding whether to pursue a Foundation in Business program is a significant step in your academic and professional journey. As you weigh your options, it's essential to assess your skills, abilities, and interests to determine if this program aligns with your goals and aspirations. But, here are some other factors for you to consider:

1. Analytical skills

If you have a knack for analysing data, identifying trends, and solving complex problems, a Foundation in Business program could be a natural fit for you. Business courses often require strong analytical abilities to interpret financial statements, evaluate market trends, and make strategic decisions.

2. Communication skills 

Effective communication is crucial in the business world, whether it's presenting ideas to colleagues, negotiating deals with clients, or writing persuasive proposals. If you excel in verbal and written communication, you'll likely thrive in a Foundation in Business program, where communication skills are honed through presentations, group projects, and written assignments.

3. Teamwork abilities

Collaboration is a cornerstone of success in business, as many projects require input from multiple stakeholders. If you enjoy working with others, sharing ideas, and contributing to group efforts, you'll find ample opportunities to develop your teamwork abilities in a Foundation in Business program.

4. Problem-solving aptitude

Business environments are rife with challenges and opportunities, requiring individuals who can think critically and find creative solutions. If you're someone who enjoys tackling complex problems, thinking outside the box, and devising innovative strategies, a Foundation in Business program will provide you with the tools and techniques to excel.

5. Adaptability

The business world is constantly evolving, with new technologies, market trends, and regulations shaping the landscape. Students considering a Foundation in Business should be adaptable and open to change, as they'll need to navigate shifting priorities, emerging opportunities, and unforeseen challenges throughout their academic and professional careers.

What are the benefits of studying Foundation in Business in Malaysia?

Studying this programme in this country offers numerous advantages for aspiring business professionals. 

Firstly, Malaysia's strategic location in the heart of Southeast Asia makes it an ideal hub for business and trade, providing you with opportunities for networking and professional development. 

Additionally, the country's diverse and multicultural society fosters a rich learning environment, enabling you to gain valuable insights into global business practices.

Moreover, Malaysia's strong economic growth and emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship create a conducive environment for budding entrepreneurs to flourish. 

By laying a solid foundation in business studies, you can leverage opportunities available in Malaysia's dynamic business landscape to launch your own ventures or pursue rewarding careers in established organisations.

What pathway is available after completing the Foundation in Business?

Business courses

After completing a Foundation in Business program, you can pursue a wide range of bachelor's degree programs in various business disciplines. Popular options include Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor of Accounting, Bachelor of Finance, Bachelor of Marketing, and Bachelor of Economics, among others. 

These programs offer specialised coursework tailored to your interests and career aspirations, providing you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in your chosen field.

In a nutshell, a Foundation in Business program serves as a crucial stepping stone for Malaysian students aspiring to pursue successful careers in the dynamic and competitive world of business. 

By providing a comprehensive understanding of core business principles, practical skills, and valuable insights into industry trends, this program empowers students to unlock their full potential and grab opportunities available in Malaysia's thriving business landscape. With a strong educational foundation in business, the future holds possibilities for aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders in Malaysia.

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