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MYR 32,500
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About this course

The American Degree Transfer Program (ADTP) is a credit transfer program that gives students a fast track to American universities. Students can choose courses from a wide variety of fields, ranging from applied sciences to the liberal arts.
Students will complete approximately half of the degree requirements in MCKL, whilst the remainder of their studies will be completed in the US in a university of their choice.

ADTP is the most flexible degree program that provides a wide range of studies across different disciplines; from physical sciences, life sciences to art, history, literature, philosophy and even religious studies.

The liberal arts studies in the US will better equip our I-generation youths to embrace the challenges in the 21st century. Besides the rigorous intellectual training from academic courses, the opportunities to manage academic autonomy and collective individual freedom are effective ways to prepare them to face 21st century employment.

Availability of Optional Practical Training (OPT) in the education system provides opportunities for graduates to gain industrial experience in the US and widen their network in their respective fields.

ADTP enables students to obtain quality higher education in US colleges and universities at an affordable cost.  There are also scholarships and financial aid offered by US colleges and universities for international students.

Entry Requirements

  • SPM or O Levels (minimum 5 Credits) 
  • UEC (minimum 5 Bs)
  • ICCE General Certificate (minimum 80% in 5 subjects)
  • Other equivalent qualifications

English Language Requirement:

  • Minimum B in SPM English 1119, O Levels or equivalent.