Hotel and Hospitality Management

Take a peek into one of today’s fastest growing industries and see how you can be part of the Hotel and Hospitality Management in the future.
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Travelling has become a big part of our life since the development of technology. Affordable flights, low-cost airlines, cheap hotels have made this all available. Students taking a gap year to see the world, elder people taking a break from their home country and so on! Interested in Hotel and Hospitality Management but don't know much about it? We've got you covered, keep reading! 

What is Hotel and Hospitality Management?

What Skills do You Need?

Hotel managers have a lot on their plate, but they still put a smile on their face while doing more serious tasks. Responsibilities they do in a day include paperwork, negotiations, renovations, and meetings. If you choose to be a hotel manager, a lot of dedication is required.

Attention to details
It is the small things that matter the most. Guest do not only care about a nice room or delicious food. They want new, cleaned towels every day, a fresh smell in and outside their room, and fresh looking employers.

If you are on the planning from a certain time to another, do not expect you will leave on time. It happens that hotel employers (especially the managers) stay a bit longer to finish their work. Bear in mind that in a hotel, a lot of unexpected situations could occur and you are needed to help solve them.

Some clients/guests can be difficult every now and then. It is important that you just stay calm, have patience and help them with their complaint.

What are the Job Opportunities?

General Hotel Manager
A general hotel manager is responsible for all the departments of his hotel. These responsibilities include finance orientation, events planning, and renovations that need to be made to the hotel. He guides his employees and makes sure their work is done properly. 

Director of Sales
The director of sales is responsible for the maximisation of the sales activities. They make sure the guests are satisfied with the food, rooms, and facilities such as a pool and meeting rooms.

Front Office Manager
The front office manager is responsible for the complaints the front desk receptionists receives. They make sure it will be handled. In addition to this, they monitor hotel facilities and develop strategies to extend the satisfaction of their guests.

Executive Housekeeper
The executive housekeeper is responsible for the budget regarding the cleaning supplies and everything in addition to that; inventory, housekeeping systems, and inspections.

Front Desk Receptionist
Front desk receptionist have a lot of contact with guests; they will greet and welcome them, help them with their check-in and check-out, take phone calls, help guests who have complaints, and confirm schedules.

What is the Expected Salary?

Below you will find the expected salary of a few jobs in this industry: 


General Hotel Manager

Per year

Director of Sales

Per year

Front Office Manager  

Per year

Executive Housekeeper

Per year

Entry level

US$ 42,000

US$ 44,000

US$ 38,000

US$ 35,000


US$ 50,000

US$ 53,000

US$ 41,000

US$ 41,000


US$ 60,000

US$ 61,000

US$ 42,000

US$ 44,000


US$ 75,000

US$ 65,000

US$ 45,000

US$ 46,000










Source: (payscale , n.d.)

Top 10 Hotel Management and Hospitality Universities

According to the CEOWORLD Magazine, these are the top 10 universities in the world for this course:

Top 10 hotel management and hospitality schools

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