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The character and behaviour of a person are one of the most important things that employees recruiters look at large companies, making counselling an important skill to learn.

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What Counselling Psychology is all about?

Counselling can be considered as a very helpful major. Through this course, you can learn about human character and also problems to help someone overcome the problems they have.

In addition to life problems, counselling can also help you to understand more about chronic mental health illness such as depression and anxiety disorders.

In counselling, you will not only learn about human behaviour, but you will also learn interpersonal skills. That way, you can position yourself precisely and far better in the field.

From all the explanations above, it can be concluded that counselling is a course that studies human behaviour that is dominated by emotions.

Therefore, you need to have high self-confidence and empathy in order to excel well in this major.

9 popular fields in Counselling

In addition to studying general counselling, you will also learn about several other fields of counselling psychology. Of the several fields of counselling psychology, there are 9 fields that are most in-demand by the public with good job prospects.

Here are the top 9 areas of Psychology Counseling:

1. Children's Field
As the name implies, in this field you will learn more about children, especially psychological health and their behaviour and emotions.

What is now being exposed to all-out is mental health in children who are not recognised by the public.

2. Sexual Health
You will automatically learn more about sexual health. The most common issue from this field is sexual violence where patients usually experience post-incident trauma.

3. Marriage and Family
Many families around the world are looking for answers to family problems and hope that there is a solution for what they want to find in their family life and marriage. Here's where your job comes to help them. 

4. Human Resources Sector
You must be familiar with the word Human Resource. This department is always present in almost all companies with the aim of resolving issues and handling conflicts that occur in the company.

By studying HR counselling, you must have general knowledge about managing people and the organizational structure in the company.

5. Mental Health Sector
Of all the fields of counselling, the field of health and mental disorders are much needed by the public. Why? Because 1 in 5 Americans has a mental disorder.

With the increase in cases caused by mental disorders, this field is one of the most widely promoted by the public, even the governments of various countries in the world.

6. Field of Rehabilitation and Illegal Drugs
From the name alone, you already know that counselling in this area focuses on the area of ​​illegal drugs, as well as the rehabilitation process of people who are addicted to these drugs.

Because of the bad effects that can be caused by the substance, the treatment of people who have contracted addiction and rehabilitation is very important.  

7. Field Behavior Disorders
There are many behavioural disorders that are not yet known to the public. In this field, of course, you will learn about the different types of disorders. The plus point is that you will also learn how to deal with these problems with care and the right way.

8. Finance Sector
Counselling in the financial sector means you will be dealing with clients who have financial problems, whether it's with budget problems, excess money usage, corporate financial planning and other financial problems.

To study this field you are required to take courses related to finance and business.

9. Field of education
Educational counselling can easily be found in schools and universities, more commonly known as counselling guidance. In this field, of course, you will certainly be involved in many problems experienced by students and students.

Where to study Counselling Psychology abroad?

If you are sure to take this course, do not be afraid because we will help you compile a list of top campuses worldwide in counselling psychology. The list of universities below is taken from the Top University Rankings.

1. United States
For many people, America is one of the dream destinations that they consider to be the focal point of education life. Below this are the top American universities that are not only the best in the field of counselling psychology but also many other majors.  

2. United Kingdom
Prestigious universities in the UK such as Oxford and Cambridge are well known to many people. But did you know that counselling and psychology majors here are one of the best in the world?

3. Australia
As one of the continents closest to Asia, Australia is a place where many teenagers around the world want to visit it for further education. So don't worry, below we have listed the best Australian universities offering counselling psychology courses.

4. Asia
If you don't want to be away from home and hope to be able to go home at any time without having to wait long, Asia is the right choice. Although many people hope to study far, there are actually many universities throughout Asia that are very good. For example only in Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, and China. Check out the list below.

If you want to enrol in one of the universities above, you may contact EasyUni to guide you further about the application process.

Certification for professional counsellors

Just like any other job, a counsellor also needs certification stating that his profession is a professional counsellor to prove that the counsellor is qualified to do certain jobs.

In accordance with their respective fields, the certification that must be obtained varies for each counsellor. Although this certification is optional, ownership of the certification can help in future employment prospects.

Certifications that are usually in high demand include certifications in the fields of career, medical health, education, marriage & family, and others.

Job prospects for Counselling Psychology graduates

careers in counselling

Although counselling is one area that is seen as less promising for many graduates, this department actually has many attractive job prospects.

What's unique is that you will work a lot with other people about their emotions and problems. Simply put, this is a vent job according to your field.

Well, if you don't like 9-5 jobs and prefer jobs that don't rely on computers, you will most likely be interested.

Here are some of the most popular jobs in the field of counselling psychology:

1. Sexual Educators and Counselors
As we know, education about sexual behaviour is still minimal and is considered taboo in several countries.

With so many people who have doubts or difficulties in this area, and this is where the role of sex educators and sexual counsellors aims to help them.

2. Children Safety and Protection counsellor
The number of cases of child abuse, coercion, and rape of minors has left many from the public demanding responsibility for providing even more stringent child protection facilities.

As such, work as a counsellor for child safety and protection is one of the jobs that is highly regarded and needed in today's social environment.

3. Human Resource Manager
Every company or organization certainly needs human resource management.

The aim is to facilitate the company in resolving existing conflicts. That way it is certain if you have knowledge in this field, you can work in any company anywhere.

4. Mental Health Counselor
With the increase in mental disorder victims, many people are pushing for the emergence of counsellors or means to help victims of mental disorders reduce risk.

In addition, in Malaysia itself, mental disorders are still not well known by the community so many of the victims he understood and understood themselves.

5. Therapist (inc. Sex, marriage, family, psycho, eating disorder)
In addition, these counselling graduates can usually become therapeutic doctors who operate in their respective fields.

Unlike counsellors who help solve a problem, therapy doctors generally help patients to recover from psychological health conditions experienced.

For example eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia, as well as mental disorders such as depression and anxiety.


Don't forget that some of the above work certainly requires permission and professional counselling certification. So if you are in doubt, you can try visiting the EasyUni website first to read about the majors and specifications of what is offered at the university of your choice.


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