Study Bachelor's or Master's Degree in Business & Management in Australia

What Malaysian students need to know about studying Business & Management in Australia.
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Studying abroad for a Business and Management course was once thought to be for the risk takers or quirky people. Society’s perception back then was that it was simply unheard of. Almost alien! However, the world you live in today works in the most wonderful way and now, we find employers seeking fresh Business graduates who have seen how business works on a global platform. 

The 21st century that we know today consists of an interesting fusion of fast emerging technology and closer connectivity between people. Businesses are flourishing and organisations and companies are competing to acquire employees who are exposed to global changes and can bring in better insight.

Here is the tip, studying abroad in Business and Management courses overseas can have its perks:

  1. Provide you the full exposure in working abroad or even in local organisations that deal in business on a global scale.

  2. Expose you to different cultures and people as well as forming meaningful interactions.

In this case, Australia is a great academic powerhouse and is one of the top options for students to study abroad.

Read on to find out why this country should also be your top study destination!

Why study Business and Management in Australia?

Business and Management courses in Australian institutions are well-developed and have some of the best benefits in store for its student, including those who are of other nationalities.

Malaysian Student in Australia

Several of these benefits include:

  1. Open to choose from a wide range of options in courses and specialisations

  2. Obtain more career opportunities and work experience

  3. Gain global qualification recognition

  4. Expose to a more international outlook in business and management

In 2015 alone, it was found there was a staggering 85,000 undergraduate business students and around 40,000 postgraduates who consist of international students. Since then, the number has risen progressively and has made Australia an extremely popular choice for students of both domestic and international background.


Did you know? In 2017, Australia was home to 19 world-ranked institutions in the field of
business and management with four of which were in the top 50.
That speaks volume of the education system you can expect from this country.


Top Business and Management Universities in Australia

University students in Australia - EasyUni

Universities in Australia have traditionally dominate the top business schools in the region due to their academic reputation and high graduate employability rate. Studying in Business and Management in any quality Australian universities can secure your job prospects and plans to further your study in a renowned institution.

  • University of Melbourne (Location: Melbourne)

  • University of New South Wales, (Location: Melbourne)

  • Australian National University ANU, (Location: Canberra)

  • La Trobe University, (Location: Melbourne)

  • Monash University, (Location: Melbourne)

  • University of Queensland, (Location: Brisbane)

  • University of Wollongong, (Location: New South Wales)

  • Macquarie University, (Location: Sydney)

  • RMIT University, (Location: Melbourne)

  • University of Western Australia, (Location: Perth)

Tuition fees at Australian universities

Tuition fee can vary based on the courses and necessary facilities you will need in accordance to the field of your choice. Below is a breakdown of the approximate amount for tuition fee per year based on study levels in Australia.

Study level



Foundation / Pre-U

15,000 - 37,000

44,600 - 110,000


4,000 - 22,000

12,000 - 65,000

Bachelor's degree

30,000 - 50,000

89,000 - 149,000

Masters degree

20,000 - 37,000

59,000 - 110,000


14,000 - 37,000

41,000 - 110,000

*Tuition prices in MYR are subjected to conversion from AUD

Accommodation and living expenses

In February 2018, based on the statistics provided by the Australian government it is estimated that a student would require to pay approximately AUD $20,290 per year, which is RM60,106. This means that a student would need to have around RM5,000 per month.

Hostel in Australia for Malaysian students

The reason being is that in Australia, each city varies in terms of the cost of living. Take major cities like Sydney for example. The living cost would probably be higher than other cities in Australia as it is more prone to corporate as well as tourism settings. Smaller towns such as Canberra bears a lower living cost as it is home to the townsfolk and local as well as international students. Hence, you need to master the arts of saving and spending your money as financial planning is key for you to survive in Australia.

Being the second largest city in Australia, Melbourne is indeed an ideal place for students to live in when they decide to study within the country. The capital of Victoria in Melbourne serves as the top student city in Australia, with over eight major universities situated within the capital itself. As for its population, there are over 300,000 students that occupies one of the biggest city worldwide as the seasonal climate of Melbourne is suitable for students from every corner of the world.

Often mistakenly regarded as the capital of Australia, Sydney is considered as the second best student city in the country. The best research universities lie within this fast-paced economic city, topped with opportunities for postgraduates to dive deeper into the corporate world. In addition, Sydney is also nominated as the best city for immigration.

How to apply

One thing that you need to consider before furthering your study in Australia is that the universities would usually operate in a number of terms throughout the year. The are two semesters per year. For undergraduates, the best time to apply for a degree would be in:

  • Mid-October to mid-November, in which the first semester begins in March.

  • Mid-April to mid-May, in which the second semester begins in July.

If you’re a Malaysian student applying for a degree course in Australia, you’ll require a specific visa. You can refer to  Australian Department of Home Affairs website under STUDENT for further information regarding the application for a student visa.

In addition to acquiring results for the English as Second Language certification (IELTS), you are also required to present an evidence to show that you have sufficient funds to cover your tuition fees, living and travel expenses. A minimum sum of AU$20,290 or (RM60,150) needs to be stated by your parents alongside an agreement which states that they are able to support you financially.

Living as a foreigner in Australia requires you to apply for a student visa, as it allows you to work for a maximum of 40 hours within two weeks during your study period. However, during semester breaks, you are able to work for unlimited hours. Keep in mind that you need to get a Tax File Number in order to validate your working hours in Australia. Nevertheless, If you are a student for masters by research or a doctoral degree in Australia, there is no limit to the number of hours you can work.

As a future student who will be studying abroad in Australia, you will also need to own a valid Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) along with your student visa in order for you to successfully enter the country.

If you need to speak to a professional Counselor about your admissions needs, do contact us at EasyUni. Our Counselors will help you choose the right university for you and guide you throughout the admissions process.

After graduation opportunities

After you have completed your studies in Australia, what’s your next step?

Extend your studies

You can simply renew your visa and health care plans after you have provided proof of finance to continue your studies in Australia. You’ll need to state your study duration, name of  university and also how much it costs if you opt to pursue a Master’s Degree or a Graduate Diploma in the future.

Coming home

Now we all know that it’s exciting and a relief for you to come back home after spending years studying abroad. However, you need to remember to keep track of all the things you need to settle in Australia. Don’t forget to cancel your services, subscriptions, settle your bills, sell any possessions that you can’t bring home with you, end your house lease and return the keys if you were renting throughout you stay in the country.

Continue your stay in Australia and gain permanent residence

You may apply for a work or travel visa if you’re planning to stay a bit longer in Australia. Thorough research needs to be done as this type of visa is more temporary than a student visa, but you can take this time to gain get yourself a job opportunity, or spend some leisure time travelling around the beautiful country.

If you want to gain a permanent residence (PR) in Australia, you may need to acquire a Skilled Recognised Graduate Visa. You will spend 18 months as an employee in a certified and registered company in the country.

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