SPM Leaver's Guide to University


Different Types of Institutions of Higher Education in Malaysia

Universities, University Colleges, Colleges, Polytechnics... Everything you need to know about them.


Know Your Pre-University Programmes

There are many pre­-university programmes available in Malaysia and each programme is unique as it serves a certain purpose in your career choices. Let’s get to know these courses better!


Best Pre-University for Studying in Malaysia or Abroad

Choosing a course to take before studying for a bachelor’s degree can be confusing. There are plenty of pre­-u courses that allow you study locally and overseas.



Popular Study Abroad Destinations for Malaysians

There are the usual suspects. And then there are a few options that will suprise you.


Top Scholarships for Malaysian Students

Scholarships for studying in Malaysia and overseas that you shouldn’t miss.


Popular Courses Malaysian Students Take

After listening to your friends' stories, receiving advice from your relatives, and consulting your daily horoscope, you can still be a little overwhelmed with the thought of choosing a course. Check out the top 10 most popular courses among Malaysian students.


3 Ways How Not to Choose a Course in University

Being a SPM leaver can be difficult as you’re at the crossroads of your life, making difficult choices that will impact your future. So instead of us preaching on how you should make decisions, we’re showing you which mindset to avoid when making one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is public education better than private education?
There is no study that validates this notion as both types of education have their unique strengths. Learning is all about gaining experiences that are available in both. Job prospects depend highly on your communication skills, critical thinking, relevant work experience, and willingness to learn rather than the reputation of your institution.
Can I use my SPM trial results to enrol in pre­-U?
You cannot use your trial results for public university applications. Only private institutions will accept trial results for short­term courses only. If you’re enrolling for pre­university, the private institution will ask for your trial results for reference and will still need your actual results before you get officially enrolled.
I think I will fail in my SPM. If that happens, can I resit for the exams?
Yes you can resit for your SPM exams next year. You will have to register as a private candidate. Repeat exams happen in June and the results are released in August.
Q: Where can I find scholarships and how do I apply?
There are many scholarships for you to apply. The requirements, terms, and deadlines vary so you must take time to read and prepare all necessary documentation. Read our guidelines to a successful scholarship application.
I want to study overseas but A-levels is expensive. Are there other options?
You may want to consider Form 6/STPM. This government pre-university programme is the cheapest and the good thing is, it’s recognised by international universities. Read Pre-University 101.
Is UEC recognised overseas?
Yes, UEC is recognised in some international universities. Read full list of universities that accept UEC.
What’s the minimum MUET band to get into university?
Currently, students only need to have a minimum of band 1 in MUET to gain university admission. Students who obtained low scores in their MUET are still accepted, provided they go through English enhancement courses and obtain a minimum grade. For STEM courses, students must have at least Band 3. 


With the new rule to be implemented, students must be aware of the new minimum MUET requirement according to the field of study. To graduate, students must now achieve the following:

(1.) Arts and Social Sciences – Band 3
(2.) STEM courses – Band 4
(3.) Law and Medicine – Band 5

Read secrets to securing Band 6 in MUET.

Can I use my MUET band to study abroad?
MUET is not recognised overseas. You may have to take either IELTS or TOEFL depending on the university you are planning to apply.
Is a diploma qualification enough?
If you who wish to gain employment quicker than your peers, then you may benefit in a diploma qualification. Unlike a bachelor’s programme, technical and skills training are emphasised in a diploma programme. Students are trained for a specific trade mostly in the fields of hospitality, tourism, culinary arts, graphics design, fashion design, teaching, bookkeeping, and more.
What is the difference between “credit transfer” and “twinning”?
With credit transfers, you can transfer to an American university of your choice to complete your degree. With twinning programmes, the partner university (which you will obtain your degree from, and is usually the university that’s located abroad) is already decided right from the start. Read "Know Your Pre-University Programmes" to learn more.
I don’t know what course to take in uni so which pre-university programme should I take?
It’s normal for young people to be unsure which course to take as major life decisions take time. Base on your likes and dislikes, hobbies and interest, you can start choosing between science or arts stream. From this point, you’ll have a better idea which pre-university to take. Generally, we suggest students to take either Form 6/STPM or Matriculation as these government pre-university programmes, aside from being cheap, allow you to have more time and flexibility in case you wish to study locally or abroad.
How much maths do I need to get into accountancy?
Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be a math genius to get into accountancy. Some basic numeracy skills are required but to become a great accountant, you’ll need good analytical and communication skills.
I didn’t take biology and science in SPM but I want to take up medicine. Is that possible?
To qualify for a medical programme, you will need 5 Bs in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics or Add Maths, and another subject. Since you don’t have these papers, you may have to wait for next year’s SPM exams to take these papers.