Malaysia leads with #1 in Education Workforce and #2 in English Proficiency within Asia

By EasyUni Staff | Last modified 09 Oct 2019
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The operator of the 'Asia' regional top-level-domain recently released its very first annual report called ‘Youth Mobility Index’ or in its more stylish name, the YMI.Asia report. As part of its 10th year anniversary, the organisation reveals the study as a means to highlight on young Asians and several factors affecting their lives that include social, geophysical, and digital mobility to better accommodate to their needs in being better global entrepreneurs.

This time around, Malaysia makes an outstanding point in shining with the top leading countries listed in the YMI.Asia 2018. DotAsia’s Youth Mobility Index displays how Malaysia, being one of the region’s leading economies, has achieved outstanding statistics to its name in enhancing youth education mobility in the country. Malaysia distinctively leads rankings at #1 in Education Workforce, and #2 in English Proficiency, and overall, dominating the 6th spot in the YMI.Asia report. This is closely followed by two other leading countries, Japan and Taiwan.

Top Tiger Cub Economy in Asia

For some of us, why Malaysia in particular is such a huge hotspot for furthering international education may not be at all surprising. A few words can summarise it all  — affordable fees and accommodation, a melting pot of invaluable cultural experience, and ease of conversational English.

With the ever-changing economy, youths today are creating ways in being mobile to improve their chances at education and employment. The YMI.Asia report is evidence that mobility in youths can be the solution to a stable economy.

Posted on 05 Feb 2018
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