12 Part-Time Jobs To Do While Waiting for SPM Results

By Nur Hafiza Abu Bakar | Last modified 16 Mar 2022
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SPM is over! Let's take a moment to celebrate after battling years of high school. 

Celebration after SPM.

Besides preparing your pathway after SPM, there are many other things you can do while waiting for SPM results. For example, you can take up part-time jobs for students! Here's what you can benefit from it:

  • Gain work experience
  • Earn extra money
  • Expand social/professional network 

Working as a part-timer in Malaysia is quite popular among SPM leavers. There are a number of jobs that accept students who have just completed high school. Although the pandemic has limited some of your part-time job choices, there are remote, flexible, and freelance options available too!

Best Part-time Jobs For Students

1. Freelancer

Freelance part-time photographer taking pictures.

Social distancing has increased the popularity of online and remote freelancing.

The best part about freelancing is that your job opportunities are not limited to Malaysia alone. As you are mostly working remotely on a flexible schedule, you can approach clients from the UK, US, Canada, Singapore, and more! (P/s: You get to earn more too!)

There are many freelance part-time jobs, such as:

  • Writer
  • Graphic designer
  • Translator
  • Video editor

For starters, identify your best skills and create a portfolio to show potential clients. You can sign up for an account on several websites (Fiverr, Upwork, Dribble, Freelancer) and start looking for opportunities!

Salary: Depending on project

2. Online/Home tutor

Home tutor teaching student.

Skilled in certain subjects? You can become a home or online tutor to teach younger students (or your juniors) who need one-to-one teaching assistance. It can be science, mathematics, English, Bahasa Malaysia or other subjects. Teaching these subjects can also refresh your knowledge for when you study in university, so you're killing two birds with a stone!

There are many parents who hire online tutors for their children now. The best way to begin is by approaching parents or students of your own school!

Salary: RM30 - RM60 per subject

3. Data entry clerk

data entry clerk

A data entry clerk transfers data from paper into computer files or database systems. You are required to type in all the data provided directly and correctly from customers. You are also responsible to verify and compare data with source documents.

You need to have excellent skills and knowledge of Microsoft Office applications as the duties are mostly focused on creating and sending out documents. You also need to possess a good command of communication skills and pay great attention to detail.

Salary: RM1,000

4. Fast-food restaurant staff

Students working part-time at McDonald's.

Image source: The Malaysian Reserve

Working at a fast-food restaurant does not require any formal education. On-the-job training is given to newbies, so you don't have to worry about falling behind.

You will learn to multitask and adapt to a fast-paced environment: You are expected to take customers’ orders, assemble them, and also work as a cashier.

Besides serving customers, you must learn about food safety, sanitation and health regulations. You are also required to ensure customer satisfaction, resolve customer complaints and address any concerns that may arise. 

The best part of working at a fast-food restaurant is that you get to eat the food for free!

Salary: RM1,400 per month

5. Promoter

Student promoter working part-time job.

If you have enjoy communicating with people, working as a promoter can be a good experience.

As a promoter, you must provide accurate product/service information in a friendly manner. You also have to assist customers in finding suitable products. Training is provided in advance so that you are equipped with the knowledge required. 

The salary of a promoter depends on the company and your shift (days/hours).

Salary: RM50 - RM150 per day

6. Kindergarten admin/assistant

Kindergarten teacher and her students.

Although you are still underqualified to be a kindergarten teacher, you can help them out as an admin or assistant. High school leavers are frequently hired to fill in temporary spots or to help teachers with paperwork.

You should possess strong interpersonal skills to effectively communicate with teachers and children. Having basic skills like reading, music, mathematics, or art is also a plus point as you might assist teachers to guide children in class.

If your interest lies in Early Childhood Education, this is good exposure!

Salary: RM500 - RM1,000 per month

7. Supermarket clerk

supermarket staff

Put your organisational skills to use as a supermarket clerk. The duties for supermarket clerk include ensuring the stocks are arranged and recorded systematically. 

You will also act as the first point of contact with customers, so you need to know the supermarket’s layout and departments in order to assist them accordingly.

Other tasks may include tidying the store, restocking shelves, handling the cashier counter and ordering stock.

Salary: RM1,000 per month

8. Front desk receptionist

Part-time receptionist.

A front desk receptionist represents the first point of contact with clients or customers for companies, hotels, doctor’s offices and more. Responsibilities include answering phone calls, greeting and assisting customers’ inquiries. 

You need to have excellent written and verbal skills as well as competency in Microsoft Office applications. You also have to look presentable because you represent the first impression of whoever comes to the office. 

You can look upon the companies that accept SPM leavers to be their temporary receptionist. 

Salary: RM1,000 per month

9. Food delivery rider

Part-time food delivery rider.

Image source: TeknoRatz

Food delivery is a demanding job. Although typically viewed as a male-dominated job, there's no harm for girls to work as a food delivery rider too! 

What you have to do is very direct as you only need to deliver food to customers. However, you must have a driver's license (motorcycle or car) first. 

The best part about working as a food delivery rider is that you don’t have to rush to go to work. It’s up to your own schedule and timing. All you need to do is activate the food delivery service app, wait for orders to come in, and you can start your day!

The salary you receive depends on the number of orders you complete per day.

Salary: RM2,000 - RM3,000 per month

10. Waiter/Waitress

Part-time waiter in a restaurant.

The main responsibility of a waiter or waitress is serving customers, from taking orders to serving food and beverages. You have to be friendly, professional, and maintain a clean and safe work environment. 

The level of patience for this job is high. You will meet different kind of customers on a daily basis, so you need to know how to treat customers well.

You also need to be well-equipped with the knowledge on menu recommendations, so this part-time job also provides a great training for students who wish to pursue their studies in Culinary Arts or Hotel Management and Hospitality.

Salary: RM1,100

11. Caretaker

Caretaker and her client.

A caretaker is responsible for taking care or looking after assets, properties or individuals. The location is up to the employer to decide: you may work at homes, schools, private residences, farms and more.

In order to do this job well, you need to be hard-working, honest, dependable and self-motivated.

Salary: RM1,200

12. Pet sitter

Pet sitter feeding cats.

Pet sitters take care of pets while the owners are away. If you’re an animal lover, this job is going to be fun!

Some owners require you to stay in their homes temporarily, or you may take care of the pets at your own place. There are some pet shops or veterinary clinics that hire pet sitters too. Responsibilities include feeding the pets and giving them companionship.

It is best if you have experience in dealing with common pets (dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs) to appear trustworthy and reliable. Every animal has different characters, so you need to be always ready for unexpected things.

Salary: RM1,300


The salaries stated above are estimated amounts. They may differ depending on the companies and your job responsibilities. Working can be stressful, but it can be a great experience for you to explore the working world.

Good luck, we hope you enjoy your part-time job!

Posted on 16 Dec 2019
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