Brutal Truth About Campus Life at INTI Subang

By Nur Azre | Last modified 06 Sep 2019
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Having an urban and overpopulated campus comes with its perks, but it is not always as rosy. Seniors share pieces of wisdom before they leave.

1. Hell of a Parking

When you study in Subang, one of the clear challenges is finding parking because this area is overpopulated. Even if the students try to find a spot in another area, they are usually packed during office hours. So what do we seniors do?

Park illegally in front on people's houses, but haha, if the owners are not happy, we will get our fresh saman. And, who does not love that? Of course, there is private parking, but students cannot afford them.

If you want to know why you might see many seniors late to class, finding a parking spot is definitely one of them - unless, they are willing to wait in the campus at 6.30am when their class is at 10 am onwards. 

2. Healthy Affordable Food

Food around Subang is only cheap if you are willing to eat a really small portion or you are okay with fried Mamak food like mee goreng and nasi goreng. There are so many options, do not get us wrong, but not at a portion that we students would love to feast on. Otherwise, a typical meal will still cost between RM8 to RM15. Everyone will think of food when their minds thought of Subang but us as a student studying in Subang will think of food being too expensive. 

If you study at INTI Subang, cheaper options for mixed rice are available but it is in SS14 and on days where you rush between classes, we, students just do not have such privileges.

It would be great if in house cafeterias could offer student discounts because besides graduating, we do want to stay healthy.

3. When You Can't Really Utilize School Facilities

Just because the university provides a basketball court, there is no use if lights are not switched on at night because students have classes to go to early in the morning. In the evening, at times, these facilities also can lose their function if it is full of cars.

Similarly, when the library gets too noisy to do readings and assignments. Or the irrationality of some study spaces, like small tables that would fit only one laptop but has four chairs for four students.

In this case, for future students, it would be great to discuss with the management on matters that really affects the utilities of these students, but also the ability to be accountable for our actions that would affect others.

Our time is almost up, but future students can do something about them. We wish you the best! 



Ong Joanne, Gan Teck Xiang, Ang Yu Xuan, Ng Yew Ming and Kuck Swee Shern

Posted on 12 Apr 2019
Campus life, Useful Tips