3 Tips to Score Good Grades in Theory-Based Subjects

By Nur Azre | Last modified 30 Oct 2019
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Theory-based subjects are known as studies related to concepts, facts, and history.

Theory subject is a memorizing based subject, and it has been stressful for most of the students.

The reason is that they didn’t acquire the correct skills to study theory-based subjects.

Therefore, what are the tips to get good grades for these subjects?

1. Learning Style

First of all, students should find the most suitable learning style that works best for themselves.

The three main types of learning styles are visual, auditory, kinaesthetic.

The visual learner will learn more easily by using various types of visual materials like pictures, symbols, and colors. For example, the visual learner uses highlighters and pie charts in order to memorize it easily.

Auditory learners can absorb more of the topic through lecture class or audio clips.

And lastly, the kinaesthetic learner learns best with a hands-on approach. For instance, students have to do more exercise questions to understand exam-style questions. 

2. Time and effort

Additionally, students should spend time and effort on theory subjects. In order to understand the flow of the subject, students have to go through lecture notes before class and jot down notes by using their own sentence.

Hence, they can understand well what has been taught by the lecturer when they’re doing revision.

They should also make notes and summarize all the key points every time after class. Thus, the candidates can rapid up the progress of the examination’s preparation.

Obviously, every contribution of effort will reward as gains; the more the efforts we put on it, the good the grades we’ll get.

3. Group Study 

Moreover, group study is a good choice to get good grades in theory subjects. I suggest that group study should keep between 3 to 4 people. Students can exchange lecture notes with friends to add details that they missed.

According to the learning pyramid, students will remember and retain 90% of the information through teaching others whereas only remember 10% of what they read from books.

Not only that, when you see your friends working hard on studying, it motivates you and keeps you on track.

To conclude, once you mastered these few tips, getting a high score for theory subjects is no longer an unreachable dream. Actions speak louder than words. If there is any problem, do not hesitate to question your lecturer and friends. 

Posted on 29 Oct 2019
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