Five Malaysian Universities among the World's Top 300

Congratulations are in order for five Malaysian varsities as they have emerged among the 300 best universities in the world! Read more

08 June 2017

Your Guide to paying PTPTN through Direct Debit Method

Here's a hassle-free guide on how to pay for your PTPTN loans through Direct Debit method.  Read more

07 June 2017

12,589 Candidates to Re-Sit for SPM

SPM Re-sit examinations will be held from 6-8 June.  Read more

05 June 2017

Prepare Financially Before you Study Abroad

Planning to live and study overseas has always been a popular route for many students. However, there are challenges to be faced especially when it boils down to financing your stay in another country. Wherever you plan to settle down, it is always wise to prepare financially ... Read more

02 June 2017

Distance Learning: Is it for you?

Are you a silent education seeker, and are you experiencing these kinds of difficulties? No more regrets, even for you there are alternatives! Besides the regular courses, many institutions around the world offer online courses of any preferred level. Read more

02 June 2017

The Joy of Being a Bawse

From the 2017 People’s Choice Award winner for Favourite YouTube Star to #1 New York Times Bestseller, we seek advice from Lilly Singh on chasing her dreams and what every aspiring bawse should. Read more

29 May 2017

Help, My Child is Failing His Exam!

Find out the reasons why students flunk in their exams and what are the ways to help them get through this slump. Read more

18 May 2017

Living on a Student Budget – The Sharing Way

Taking on a frugal way of living doesn’t have to mean taking on a hermit-like existence! While the cost of living is rising, there are a few simple ways which you can reduce your monthly spending without reducing your quality of life, and sharing is a major factor. Read more

12 May 2017

Students and their First Credit Card – the Responsibilities that Come with a Piece of Plastic

A credit card is a valuable financial tool for anyone to have, but how would a college or university students be able to handle so much financial freedom responsibly? Read on to learn a few simple methods! Read more

20 April 2017

Get into the Best Universities with Oxford International College

Parents and students: the CEO of Oxford International College (OIC) will host an event in Kuala Lumpur to tell you how to get into the top and most prestigious universities in the world!   Read more

29 March 2017