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Study Business and Management in Australia

What Malaysian students need to know about studying Business & Management in Australia.

Men in suits and ties, in a glass meeting room is how we picture the world of business. Well, at least that’s what we see in movies. If this inspires you to venture into business and management, getting a related degree is definitely a great start.

Before jumping into the field of business and management, it is important to explore what lies behind the black suits.

What is business and management about?

The field of Business and Management include a wide range of focused and specific roles that are devoted to organizing, analyzing, and planning various types of business operations. With the variety of the possible career paths you get, you’ll always be in demand!

What are the major fields in business and management?

With the enormous size of corporates today, more focused and specific roles are required to juggle and sustain the daily operations of an organization. The major fields of business and management include accounting, marketing, finance, economy and administration, which will be further described below.

1. Accounting

Studying accounting allows you to help organizations to protect and grow their money in safe, legal ways. Accountants are also responsible for tracking and reporting financial information, which is  crucial to every kind of business so accountants fill a vital role for pretty much every industry.

2. Marketing

There is art in marketing a product. Popular brands like Nike, Starbucks and McDonald’s are some great examples of successful marketing. The sales of product basically relies on how well the marketing is!

3. Economics
Economy includes everything related to the production and consumption of goods and services. Students in economics can produce economic forecasts, perform risk analysis and advising on policy or business strategy accordingly.

4. Finance
A degree in finance will prepare students for a career in areas such as commercial banking, financial planning, investment banking and money managing. Students will be able to project future growth and analyze expenditure in order to strategize and control finances.

5. Business administration

In business administration, students can learn to make complex business decisions with the management and analysis skills they learn from this major.

What are the entry requirement and qualifications?

The minimum entry requirement vary between programs and level, so read the course information on the website of the institutions of your choice carefully and contact them to ask for advice if you need. Generally, in order to study business and management in Australia, there are a range of entry requirements that you have to take note of.

1. English language requirement

You may need to submit results of an English language test to apply for the course. The level of English language skill required can be different for your student visa application and institution enrolment. IELTS is one of the English language test you can consider as it is widely accepted including Australia.

2. Academic requirements

Again, the minimum requirements for each institution are different so make sure that you check with the institution.  A Foundation course, also called as bridging study, can help you to meet the entry requirements that is same as the academic requirements of an Australian high school qualification. It is usually a year long and are offered by most tertiary education institutions.
3. Visa requirements

The student visa you need depends on your chosen course of study. Be sure to check out the official visa portal. The typical key requirements you will need to meet are:

  • Issued an electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE) certificate.

  • Meet the Genuine Temporary Entrant requirement.

  • Sufficient funds for airfares, course fees and living costs.

  • English language proficiency.

  • Meet health and character requirements.

  • Acceptable Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC).

4. Overseas student health cover (OSHC)
Overseas student health cover will pay for your medical care you may need when you are an international student in Australia. Take note that it is a requirement for you to maintain OSHC in order to apply for student visa for the duration you need.

What are the job opportunities?

In the field of business and management, student can explore different industries in private sector or government agencies. The demand of professional with the backgound of business and management is always high. Check out the opportunites you have here:

  • Social media specialist

  • Accountant

  • Financial analyst

  • Economist

  • Management consultant

  • Risk analyst

  • Advertising specialist

  • Auditor

  • Commercial banker

  • Corporate treasurer

And many, many more!

Bonus: The MACC Scholarship
Studying in Australia could be a burden to parents at home. Here is an opportunity that you can consider! Offered by The Malaysian Australia Alumni Council (The MACC), students from Malaysia can apply for The Malaysia Australia Colombo Plan Commemoration scholarships for partial or full tuition fee waiver. See below for the eligibility:

Entry Requirements

Education level

  • STPM/A-Level/IB or equivalent

  • CPU or CIMP / Year 12 (HSC/VCE/AUSMAT/SAM)/SMA III/Foundation studies

  • Matriculation, Diploma or Degree: At least a CGPA of 3.50

English Essay

Must submit a 1-page English essay on reasons for applying for the scholarship, benefits to be gained from the course of study including education and career plans



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