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Architecture, Building and Planning

Practical training takes place a lot in architecture programmes, preparing students to reach to their fullest potential.

In a career where you can blend creativity with practicality, it is no wonder Architecture is one of the most promising jobs today.

Added by today’s rapid growth in technology, this career is becoming a choice for many students with interests in both sciences and the arts. 

Additionally, the employment for architects is expected to increase by 7% between 2014 and 2024. That’s good news for those who aspire to create homes and building structure! 

If tall buildings and beautiful homes intrigue you and you wish to design one yourself, then keep reading because this might interest you a lot!

Why Should You Study Architecture?

The more you learn about it, the more exciting it gets.

Architecture is more than just about designing and building a house, an apartment or a bridge. Your research skills will increase dramatically in this programme as you learn how to use technical devices and applications to create a building in 3D and design buildings in different forms and spaces.

What Are the Skills You Need?

Skills You Need in Architecture.

You are going to develop a few important skills while taking up this degree:   

  • Creativity

One of the most exiting parts of architecture is designing and drawing.

This is when you can unleash your creativity while keeping practicality in mind. Uniquely shaped buildings may look good on papers and screens, but you must consider the safety and sturdiness as well.

  • Analytical skills

This is the ability to solve a problem in the most logical way. What can be done to the designs to support the maximum weight of occupants/users?

You're dealing with structural designs that will be utilised by living beings, so they need to be reliable!

  • Teamwork

You will have the ability to work in an organisational way and be part of a team.

  • Communication skills

This contains both written and verbal communication.

  • Technical skills

A very important one! IT skills are mandatory in architecture.

What Jobs Can You Get With an Architecture Degree?

1. Landscape Architect

This job is divided into five different areas of practice:

  • Urban design
  • Landscape management
  • Landscape planning
  • Landscape design
  • Landscape science

Landscape architects work closely with town planners and developments surveyors. These type of architects create and manage the landscape we live in.

2. Structural Engineer

Structural engineers make sure that buildings do not collapse and remain stable and secure; that they don’t deflect and that the buildings are fit for purpose.

As a structural engineer, you have a lot of responsibilities. If you are not good at drawing and designing, this job is the perfect fit for you because this is all about math and physics.

3. Higher Education (HE) Lecturers

HE lecturers are teachers who work in universities and in education colleges. The methods consist of tutorials, practical demonstrations, field work and e-learning.

You can also work as one of the mentioned jobs and then become a lecturer later to teach students how it actually is in the work field.

3. Interior Designers

There are different types of interior designers:

  • Healthcare designer
  • Sustainable designer
  • Universal designer
  • Kitchen and bath designer
  • Corporate designer

The skills you need to have to become an interior designer are basically the same skills you need for an architecture of buildings and other structures.

4. Set Designer

You will be designing sets for TV shows and movies.

Besides the interior, you should also consider tthe location, placements of cameras and even the costumes!.

What is the Expected Salary?

Below you will find the expected salary of four types of architects.

Expected salary of four types of architects.

(Source: payscale)

Top 10 Universities in the World for Architecture

Below are top 10 universities in the world for Architecture & Built Environment, ranked by the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2022:

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA
  2. Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
  3. University College London (UCL), UK
  4. ETH Zurich, Switzerland
  5. Harvard University, USA
  6. National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore
  7. Manchester School of Architecture, UK
  8. University of California--Berkeley (UCB), USA
  9. Tsinghua University, China
  10. Politecnico di Milano, Italy

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