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What to Expect in University Life

September 06, 2019

EasyUni Staff

Independent learning

During high school teacher will both teach and ensure that your work is completed and on the right path with the intention of helping you to achieve the basic level of education, the role in university is different; lecturer will only provide you with a framework and skills needed to explore your academic subject. Basically there is no one to tell you what to do in university! You will need to do your own research and be responsible of your study in order to get a good result.

Another difference between high school and university is the way students are expected to be independent in their learning.

New teaching styles

Aware of this matter, many universities have implemented different style of teaching to help student to understand the topic. Therefore most universities implement study skills support to help student to adjust their study, student can do an in-depth discussion with lecturer about a topic during tutorial class.

Spend your time wisely

During the first semester of university's life you will start to miss your high school time; you will feel high school is "heaven" compared to your university's life where you need to sit for 7 hours of lectures and tutorials a week, one essay for each subject, etc.

But in university you will get more free time compared to high school and you will explore what you are interested in and what you enjoy. You will learn how to develop your own opinion and your own view. There is no doubt that the first semester of university is a distraction, therefore you will need to spend your time wisely so you can balance your study and social life. 

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