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Waiting for UPU results? Read this first

July 21, 2022


Screenshot of website to check UPU results.

Image source: https://intake02.utm.my/semakan/

The wait for UPU result is almost over. 

Although the date is yet to be announced, you should already know by now the websites that you can use to check your results. Here are some of them:


There are a few scenarios that you might face:

1. You get into the university you want with the course you want.

Congratulations! This is a dream of many other students like you. Cherish this opportunity and gear up for the next level of your exciting higher education journey!

What to prepare:

  • Find out about the accommodation. 
  • Know what you can bring and cannot bring. Many hostels have a strict 'no cooking' rule, so avoid bringing an induction cooker, pots and pans to prevent them from being confiscated.
  • Learn about the dress codes. Some public universities in Malaysia require students to dress in semi formal attires on campus - this means no shorts skirts, denim jeans, and sleeveless tops! 
  • Bring along study supplies that can last you for at least a week or a month until you figure out the facilities around your university and hostel.

2. You get into the university you want, but the course isn’t your first choice, and vice versa.

Is it something on your top 3 list of courses to study? If it is, we suggest going ahead with the enrolment!

Compared to students who are offered a course that is not even on their list of top choices, you’re considered very lucky.

You must also understand that you can't change your course/university as you wish once it has been offered to you.

UPU is a very rare and precious opportunity that many students wish to have. If you truly do not want to accept the offer, give it up early so other students have the chance of getting accepted. Reject professionally as instructed so they can keep track of the empty slots available for others.

3. You are rejected/did not receive an offer by UPU.

Don’t panic. Calmly go through your application form and identify if there are any errors when filling it up. Get a friend or family member to do it with you in case you miss out any detail.

If it is a reversible error, contact them immediately and request if they can allow you to be reconsidered for a spot in one of the public universities.

Another factor that could cause the rejection is your results. Your results might not reach the entry requirements of the university you are applying for. 

When this happens or if you didn't get an offer, try to appeal and apply to a university that has higher chances of accepting your results. You can try appealing within 10 days of the results announcement date. You can learn more here.

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