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Video Resume: Bringing In the Wow Factor

November 11, 2017

EasyUni Staff

Barney Stinson from TV show How I Met Your Mother did it. Actor Micheal Cera also uploaded his. Why don't you? It's personal,  often times charming, but mostly creative. However, video resumes are more than mustering up some courage, blabbing, and standing in-front of the camera.

"A good video resume if done right can improve one’s chances of employability as much as a bad video resume can also decrease one’s chances," says Alex Phang, founder of wowintro, an online video impression platform. "The advantages of video impressions would be the clear display of soft skills that become visibly tangible, as well as providing the academically weaker applicants an added chance to secure an interview that would probably have not been possible if traditionally screened," he added. 


Before you press the record button, here are some tips from Phang when doing a video resume:

Now that your resume is done, why don't you also try to apply for this year's Perdana Fellows Programme?

Phang's wowintro has teamed up with the Ministry of Youth and Sports for the upcoming Perdana Fellows programme from 15 February to 15 March 2016. Spearheaded by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, this project gives Malaysian youths an opportunity to be personally engaged at the highest level of the federal government and contribute to nation-building - working with cabinet ministers, Deputy Minister, as well as the Prime Minister. 

wowintro is a new innovative way of opening doors for young people. I believe wowintro can take Malaysians further by providing greater opportunities,” said YB Khairy Jamaluddin, the Minister of Youth and Sports in a video released on wowintro’s platform last year. With tech-savvy youths across the nation, the minister is encouraging applicants of the Perdana Fellows to submit a 30-second wowintro video as part of their application to increase their chances of being selected. 

 “We are honored to have YB Khairy Jamaluddin’s support for our platform and we’re looking forward to discovering quality candidates for the Perdana Fellows programme.” 

Coming from a successful run last year, with a total of 2,000 applicants from which 83 lucky candidates were chosen, the ministry aims to repeat this feat, hoping to receive over 3,000 applications this year with the wowintro collaboration. 


For more information on Perdana Fellows Programme, visit https://www.wowintro.me/cms/perdana-fellows-programme

wowintro is an online video impression platform where users market themselves via a 30-second video established by local internet startup, Positunity Sdn Bhd. 

Founded in 2015, wowintro is dedicated to revolutionizing the HR space through increasing efficiency and productivity 10x faster. By watching a 30-second video of a potential candidate, HR managers can form an impression of an individual even before meeting them. wowintro presents the ability to screen over 100 profiles an hour and in turn, reduce mass rejections and formalities.

With thousands of users registered and over a hundred companies signed up and the database constantly expanding, wowintro aims to be the first platform that comes to mind for fresh grads and millennials in this tech-centric world.

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