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A Student's Guide To Polished Verbal & Written Communication

September 08, 2023


verbal & communication skills

In today's world, university students must express their ideas, listen, and engage in conversations. 

It may seem straightforward. But it is not. 

As a university student, you must present yourself as a responsible student. 

You must do presentations, write a report, and conduct self-research for the given topics. 

Now, this is when verbal and written communication skills come in handy. 

So, let's explore ways to polish your communication skills - verbal and written, as a university student. 

When You Use Verbal & Written Communication Skills?

As a university student, you depend more on verbal and written communication. 

Some universities heavily evaluate the students via group or individual assessments such as presentation and report writing. 

Hence, you have to polish your communication skills not only for academic success but for your future endeavors, too. 

Verbal communication

Effective verbal communication is vital to university students' academic and personal growth.

It involves classroom discussions, presentations, and extracurricular activities. 

Each of these settings allows students to improve their verbal communication skills differently.

1. Classroom discussion 

Written & Verbal communication

Classroom discussions are essential to education.

It allows students to actively participate, share their perspectives, and clarify their understanding of course materials. 

With effective verbal communication skills, students can learn from their peers and build critical thinking skills.

2. Presentations

Written & Verbal communication

Presentations are a common academic requirement in universities.

Therefore, verbal communication skills are crucial for delivering clear, engaging, and well-structured presentations. 

Maintaining eye contact, using appropriate body language, and modulating one's voice for emphasis is essential. 

Effective verbal communication skills in presentations can help students to deliver their speeches confidently and persuasively.

3. Extracurricular activities

Verbal communication skills also help students connect, form study groups, and engage in extracurricular activities. 

Effective communication fosters a sense of belonging on campus. 

For instance, students who communicate effectively can participate in debate clubs or other student organizations.

These activities provide a platform for students to articulate their ideas and engage in constructive discourse on various topics. 

Effective verbal communication skills in these settings can help students build self-confidence.

Written Communication 

1. Assignments and examinations

It is significant in several aspects, such as assignments, essays, and research papers. 

Therefore, students must effectively communicate their understanding of a subject, support arguments with evidence, and present ideas coherently. 

Academic integrity is crucial. 

So adhering to proper citation and formatting guidelines, such as APA, MLA, or Chicago style, is necessary. 

Students must also often write essays during examinations to demonstrate their knowledge and critical thinking skills. 

Effective written communication under time constraints is essential to accurately convey complex ideas and arguments. 

2. Writing an email to the university staff

Email is a primary mode of communication between students, lecturers, and university staff. 

It is vital to practice professional email etiquette, including clear writing, appropriate salutations, and polite language. 

Effective email communication ensures that messages are understood and responded to promptly. 

3. Writing a resume

Written & Verbal communication

Students need strong written communication skills to write resumes when applying for internships, scholarships, or graduate programs. 

These documents should effectively convey their qualifications, experiences, and career aspirations. 

How To Improve Verbal and Written Communication?

Below are effective tips for you to enhance your written and verbal communication skills:

4 Ways to improve verbal communication skills

1. Engage in classroom discussions

Engaging actively in classroom discussions is another effective way to improve verbal communication skills. 

This can be achieved by preparing beforehand, jotting key points, sharing perspectives, and asking questions. 

By doing so, you can develop your ability to express your ideas clearly and confidently.

2. Record yourself 

Recording oneself while speaking is another helpful method of identifying areas for improvement in tone, pace, and clarity. 

This feedback allows for personal reflection and practice to improve public speaking.

3. Improve your vocabulary

Improving vocabulary is another key component of verbal communication. 

Learning the nuances of word choice and context is important to ensure it is used correctly. 

4. Challenge yourself with impromptu topics

Challenging yourself with impromptu speaking exercises is a great way to develop verbal communication skills. 

This can be achieved by picking a random topic and practicing speaking on it. 

5 Ways to improve verbal communication skills

1. Read

Reading involves books, articles, and essays from various genres. 

By studying the works of others, you can gain insight into effective writing techniques and strategies. 

You also learn how to incorporate these into your writing.

2. Practice your writing

This involves setting aside dedicated time to write essays, journal entries, and blog posts.

You can experiment with your writing skills with different formats, such as persuasive essays, research papers, and creative writing. 

When you write, proofread and edit your work carefully for grammar, punctuation, spelling errors, and organization. 

By paying close attention to the mechanics of your writing, you can ensure that your work is polished.

3. Familiar with academic writing guidelines

Another key aspect of improving your writing skills is familiarizing yourself with style guides like APA, MLA, or Chicago for academic writing. 

These guides provide specific guidelines for formatting, citation, and other aspects of academic writing.  

Adhering to these guidelines can help you produce high-quality work that meets the expectations of your target audience.

4. Seek feedback

Seeking feedback from lecturers or classmates can also be a valuable strategy for improving your writing skills. 

By receiving constructive criticism from others, you can identify areas for improvement in your writing and learn how to revise and refine your work. 

This feedback can also help you identify your writing strengths and build on them to improve your writing style.

5. Take advantage of the writing process

It is important to remember that effective writing involves breaking down the writing process into stages such as planning, drafting, revising, and proofreading. 

By approaching your writing systematically, you can ensure your work is well-organized, coherent, and polished. 

Additionally, reading your written work aloud can help you identify areas for improvement and learn effective writing styles and structures. 

In conclusion, effective verbal and written communication skills are crucial for university students' academic success and personal growth. 

These skills allow students to actively participate in class discussions, present their ideas, and excel in academic and professional tasks. 

Students can benefit from improved academic performance, personal development, and career opportunities by dedicating time and effort to honing their communication skills. 

Strong communication abilities are valuable assets that serve students well in all aspects of their lives.

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