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Top 5 TV Apps or Mobile Apps for SPM

November 11, 2017

EasyUni Staff


Astro Tutor TV SPM


(Source: www.budiey.com)


Who thought that learning SPM could be so much fun? Astro cannot ignore the heaps of students using its services, so they came up with a dedicated channel - Tutor TV SPM - to facilitate learning! This channel showcases more than 10 SPM subjects, allowing you to gear up for your exam.Subscribe for this service on Astro Channel 603 now to get up to speed on almost every SPM subject that you’re preparing for. If you miss their shows, don’t panic. Astro TV Tutor SPM will replay their program. 


SPM Malaysia IPTV




Can you really learn SPM on YouTube? You bet! After all, YouTube isn’t just for dancing cats and mindless distractions. SPM Malaysia IPTV is a neat series of videos on Science and Math subjects which will be extremely useful to help you prepare for your SPM.




(Source: www.youtube.com)


If you happen to be a visual learner, then the Guru-App is for you! Guru-App offers an interactive way of studying for SPM via Slideshare, Scribd, Youtube, flashcards and past years. Learning does not become a chore as this app allows you to understand a particular subject through chatting on Facebook!  


SPM by Pro Academy


Cover art


Ditch your heavy SPM reference books and install SPM instead, an education app provided by Pro Academy on your smartphone or tablet! With this app, you can take advantage of past year exam papers (Bahasa Malaysia, Sejarah, Math & Science) at any time. SPM is also suitable for those who are seeking for help in Chinese language. 


Last Minute Science SPM  App


  Last Minute Physics SPM-skjermdump
(Source:play.google.com )


If you’ve ever struggled to prepare yourself for exams, fear not. Here’s a mobile app for your last minute scramble: Last Minute Science SPM. You can study Physics, Biology, Chemistry and even Sejarah in both English and Bahasa Malaysia. And the best part? They offer ‘Quick Review’ in which you are able to do a last minute revisions on important facts before SPM!

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