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These 7 style crimes you should avoid in a scholarship interview

November 11, 2017

EasyUni Staff

Statement Tees
Your confidence should be the statement in an interview, not your love for Star Wars or Fashion. Pick something that shows how professional you are in what you do. Showing up with a clean white shirt can prove how careful of a person you can be.


Long Sleeves
The length of your sleeves should not go past your wrist (unless you're playing Queen Guinevere in a play) that it touches your palm. What are you hiding in there?



Frumpy, Baggy, Long Pants
Your pants shouldn’t be sweeping the floor, but it should be long enough to cover your funny clown socks just nicely. No one needs to see that!



Ill-fitting clothes
The overall size of your clothes shouldn’t be too loose and it should give you room to breathe. You don’t wanna rip anything off when you move or bend, and you certainly don’t want to get your sleeve stuck on the door. Or even worse, be asked if your shirt is from your dad's...Now that’s embarrassing!



Too much bling
The best accessory should only be a watch. Things that dangle and dazzle are pretty, but you shouldn’t show it off in an interview. Anything that is distracting will take attention away from your character. Now take off that nose ring!



Makeup Overload
This one is for the girls. Makeup is not plastic surgery and this isn't the great time to try the neon gradient lip look or that smoky eyeshadow makeup you've been practising from watching YouTube. A little makeup bit goes a long way - spot conceal the dark spots so that you won’t pile on too much on your face. Avoid the false eyelashes, glitter eyeliner, and that bright yellow contact lens. Nobody wants to accept a scholar who has a scary melting face. Gross!



Revealing Clothes

Wear things that accentuate your body instead of revealing it. Dress properly, but confidently, because you don’t want your interviewer to put his or her attention on the wrong places!

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