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Student's guide to holiday gifting

November 11, 2017

EasyUni Staff


1.     Do remove price tags


“Duh, don’t tell me the things that I already know please?”

This might sound like aunty’s nagging but this is important. Well, I suppose you don’t want the person who’s gonna receive your considerably pricey gift feel overwhelmed. Furthermore, do consider your financial resources before you purchase a gift. Always purchase gifts within your means. So, keep this thought in mind that it’s not the price but the sentiment that counts.


2.     Never recycle gifts or things you never used

If you are living a cheapskate lifestyle, then you should be aware of this. Recycling gifts somewhat sounds eco-friendly but it can sometimes backfire when you’re careless. It can definitely cause an awkward situation if someone recognizes their gift when you are giving it out to someone else. So think twice before you do so.


3.     Avoid generic gifts


Stuff like scented candles, decorative cups and hourglass from Daiso should be avoided when considering a Christmas gift. Always remember to put yourself in others’ shoes when you are selecting a gift. Cross out those things which even you yourself won’t be happy to receive and if possible, do try to figure out their personal preferences.


4.     Remember to wrap your gifts especially the breakable ones


I can still remember how I broke my first Christmas gift as soon as I unwrapped (sob)…Anyway, it will be absolutely more than disappointing to have the gifts you just received falling in pieces. So do wrap your gift neatly, especially for those fragile ones such as snow globes, flower vase, perfume and so on. Here’s a tip: cover it with bubble wrap before you put it in a gift box.


5.     Avoid personal hygiene products

Some people tend to prepare shampoos, toothpastes and mouthwash as Christmas gifts.

Although practical, in some cases this can lead to some misunderstanding. After all, who likes to be reminded that he or she needs a bath?


6.     Remember to add a gift card

The main reason to do so is to indicate the name of the senders and recipients so that the recipient would actually feel the sincerity from the sender. Don’t forget to add some holiday greetings, too. Besides, it definitely makes thing easier if the recipient want to trace back who the sender is.


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