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Staying True to Her Passion: Tey Cindy

November 11, 2017

EasyUni Staff

Being one of the most-read blogs in the country, Tey Cindy has become an inspiration to her readers with her get-go life - inspiring people to be the best they are and staying true to what they love. 

That was the same spirit she had during her uni years. Following her passion throughout her stay in Australia, Tey's college experience tells us that pursuing what you love to do will not only make your university life enjoyable, but also worthwhile. 


How did you decide on what course to study after your high school?  

I love performing ever since I was young. Coming from a small town, I didn't know how wide the range of courses available was.

But I knew one thing for sure and that was to invest in something I am passionate about - something I can imagine myself doing until the day I grow old, so I started from there. 

Annual Malasysian Night

Cindy made sure she is still in touch with her roots and celebrated Annual Malaysian Night with her fellow Malaysian students. 


Which university or college did you attend? What made you decide to attend there?

I graduated with a Degree in Performing Arts, Majoring in Acting for Theater from the University of Tasmania, Australia as it has a bridging program with Sunway University College, where I obtained my diploma from its School of Performance + Media. I came across the latter's ad on newspaper shortly after completing National Service and was thrilled to learn that such course exists in Malaysia!

Share with us any memorable moment in your campus's life. What makes it unforgettable?

Year 2007 has got to be the happiest year of my life.

Bus Ride to Tamar Tidings

The people I met in Tasmania made it unforgettable, especially the Malaysian students - the road trips we made, the summery picnics we had, endless barbecue nights when it got cold, and the tons of laughter we shared made priceless memories out of everyday life. 

What are the top 3 tips you will give to students who would like to study the same course as you?  

  • Research the market for the types of job opportunities before jumping in: The performing arts industry in Malaysia is still not too big, so finding the ideal job you want with great pay might be tough. 
  • Understand the nature of the course: Enjoy the classes with an open mind, body and soul. You'd be surprised at the many fun, crazy things to do! If acting is your dream, you might have to go through many auditions to get a role. Remember that this is not the case of a one-time interview that secures you a job with employee benefits. 
  • Be (very) sure that it is something you really love: By now you might know that this is a tough career choice with a rather unpredictable future, so think 10 times if you need before putting your foot down. If your heart still stays with the list of subjects the course offers, go big and don't go home. 

The Night I Found My Best Friend

Tey met her best friend during her stint in the University. 

What are the top five items you cannot live without during college?

  • My car
  • laptop
  •  camera
  • skincare / makeup products
  • definitely cash!


Do you agree with students picking their course based on the kind of job which pays the most? 

If money is the one thing that makes your world go round, then go for it. I think there is nothing wrong in that because at the end of the day, to enjoy or do most things in life, everyone needs money.

But if you are like me, if you can't live a day doing what you are not passionate about, then don't live a lie because life is short and you only have one shot. Whichever route you take, as long as you excel in something, everything is going to be swell, if not okay. 

One of her roadtrips

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