KPT Announces Further Screening of Foreign Students and Lecturers, under IS threat

November 11, 2017

EasyUni Staff

Police arrest IS suspects

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In a statement made by the Higher Education Ministry (KPT) on 23 August, it was decided that the intensity of screening foreign students and lecturers will be increased. This was brought about due to the recent incidents for which the Islamic State (IS) has taken responsibility for, and for whose ideology many in Malaysia are sympathisers of.

Through this process, KPT believes that the prevention of further possible incidents can be curbed. It was also discovered that “the KPT is also working closely with the authorities, including the police and other law enforcement agencies, to ensure wellbeing and safety of students, as well as to ensure conducive learning environment at all tertiary institutions (IPT) in the country.” Moreover, the KPT related that it will be giving freedom to the Royal Malaysian Police if measures need to be taken against university students or staff under suspicion of IS group activities.

Short lectures giving an explanation of IS activities will also be inserted in IPT students’ programmes.  

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