5 Things You Didn't Know About Adelaide

September 06, 2019


Benefits of studying in Adelaide

As one of Australia's capital city, Adelaide has more to offer than what is expected. One thing that makes Adelaide a striving study destination is that its focus on academic excellent.

We have always been influenced with the idea that bigger cities offer better life quality and more opportunities in general. Well that can be untrue for Adelaide.

The city provides quality education and other benefits to students. if you're still wondering why Adelaide is the perfect study destination for you, here's 5 interesting facts that can help you get to know the city better.

1) Most affordable

  • As compared to Sydney, the cost of living in Adelaide is 50 percent more affordable.

  • Rental fees in Adelaide is 44% cheaper (AUD213) than national average (AUD385).

  • The estimated cost of living per week is around $355 - $700 AUD.

2) Most accessible

It's almost impossible to get lost in Adelaide because

  • One end of the city to another is only 20 minutes apart.

  • Did you know? The tram line which runs for free in the city centre covers 30 stations and can take you to the doorstep of the iconic Glenelg beach.

3) Exceptional culture and heritage

Let's not only enjoy high quality education but also the best of their culture

  • Adelaide is known as the city is designed for life. It is the only Australian city to be completely enclosed by park lands!

  • Adelaide's Fringe Festival is one of the largest art festival in the world.

  • It attracts a large audience of 2.7 million.

  • It is the highest ticket selling arts festival in Australia with 705,761 tickets sold in 2018.

4) Top study destination

  • Adelaide has over 100 institutions and welcomes over 35,000 international students per year. 1,700 of them are Malaysian students.

5) Everything Big

Even though the city is compact in size, it offers nothing less than only the biggest attractions in the Southern Hemisphere.

  • The biggest Christmas pageant is one of the oldest of its kind in the world, and features over 170 floats along a 3.35 kilometre route.

  • Wide varieties of food. There are plenty of great food options to suit student's budget.

  • The Adelaide Central Market is one of Australia's largest fresh produce market providing a wide range of fresh and multi-cultural products.

  • The only Giant Panda Exhibition in Southern Hemisphere. What cuter way to tour the city than to go to the only giant panda exhibition around.


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