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How a psychology course can change your life and others

January 21, 2022


Psychology plays a larger role in our lives than we think. Over the past decade, mental health is slowly losing the ‘taboo’ label and is finally receiving the attention it deserves. As the topic steps into the limelight, more students are picking up the psychology course due to its versatility as both applied and theoretical programs.

While case studies are not the most common reading material among the public, the outcome brings about plenty of benefits that positively affect everyday life.

Here are 8 ways how a psychology course can change your life for the better.

1. You’ll understand how memory works through a psychology course

I have a confession: I can remember the name of my childhood bully but not the name of the security guard of my condominium.

This can be a problem especially when you have an important interview to attend - forgetting the name of your interviewer is the worst way to make an impression!

According to the Multifaceted Examination of Memory and its Origins (MEMO), “Memory makes a fundamental contribution to our everyday mental experience.”

Psychologists spend years and decades studying memory, such as how new memories are formed and why we forget. These are vital findings that can be applied to our life, especially if you’re a forgetful person.

These are tried-and-true ways to improve your memory, which are useful for studying:

  • Visualise concepts using mind maps and charts
  • Organise your study materials
  • Focus better by reducing distractions
  • Recall what you’ve learned

2. You can boost your motivational levels

Girl feels motivated through a psychology course.

Source: Pexels

Ever have the urge to do something but end up postponing it indefinitely?

Yeah, me too.

When you have a goal to achieve, such as learning a dance routine, cleaning your room, or even revising for exams, you need motivation to get them done. According to Kou Murayama of the American Psychological Association (APA), “Motivation is important in almost every aspect of human behavior.”

Understanding how motivation works from a psychology course keeps you on track with your plans. Strategies from cognitive and educational psychology are best at keeping you motivated:

  • Find interesting ways to achieve your goals
  • Steer away from the usual routines
  • Learn things that build on what you already know before absorbing new information
  • Reward yourself after each milestone to keep you going

3. You have a shot at becoming a great leader

You are bound to resume a leadership role at some point in your life.

Becoming a leader is not just getting others to follow your instructions. Psychological research has proven that listening to your members’ opinions is actually more effective.

Having an open communication, such as discussions and brainstorming sessions also help you bond with the entire team, which brings to my next point..

4. You can be an excellent communicator

Psychologist after graduating a psychology course.

Source: Pexels

Communication covers more than how well you speak. If you want to communicate your message effectively, you must pay attention to the nonverbal signals that you and others are expressing.

Nonverbal cues are defined as how you move, look, listen, and react towards the person you’re talking to. 

When they match the message you are conveying, trust and clarity are formed. So, remember to pay attention to eye contact, nonverbal signals and your tone of voice.

The good news is, you can learn them by taking up psychology!

5. You will improve your emotional intelligence

Most of us grew up learning that IQ is very important for our education and career.

However, psychologist Daniel Goleman found that our EQ or emotional intelligence may be more important.

Emotional intelligence, or understanding others’ emotions and your own also contributes to better relationships, be it personal or professional. Not all of us are born with high EQ, and that’s totally normal. Here’s how you can work on improving your emotional intelligence:

  • Stay calm in conflicts and think before you respond
  • Listen for the purpose of clarity to understand the whole situation
  • Practise empathy by seeing things from another person’s perspective

6. You can understand humans on a deeper level

Happy group of friends.

Source: Pexels

Taking up a psychology course helps you to understand people around you better.

From differentiating personality types to understanding their challenges and advantages, you can view situations from different perspectives. This also helps in building up your empathy!

Besides, understanding others makes you approachable and reliable, as you’re not being judgemental of each person’s differences.

7. You have a better grasp of issues related to mental health

By studying in a psychology course, you are playing a huge part in removing the stigma that surrounds mental health. 

Your extensive knowledge in mental health is a huge bonus if you’re planning to be a clinical psychologist or counsellor. You can effectively help your patients by familiarising yourself with the variety of mental conditions and behaviours.

8. You’re always learning something new about yourself

Student feeling content studying a psychology course.

Source: Pexels

The truth about taking a psychology program is: you never stop learning, even if it means learning about yourself.

Self-awareness and empathy are great traits to have for a psychologist. You will learn something new about yourself as you study cases and research. By reflecting on your past experiences and behaviours, you will learn to be a better listener that your patients need. 

Besides, you will be capable of expressing yourself better, have more empathy, and be organised with your thoughts.

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