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A Helping Hand: Kenneth Wong

November 11, 2017

EasyUni Staff

Kenneth Wong Chen Fei is a simple 24-year-old medical student from MAHSA University. But beneath the surface is a man of accomplishments. Currently the President of Representative Council of his university, he is also an active volunteer serving homeless people through soup kitchens projects.  Here’s a glimpse of  Kenneth as he shares with us about his studies, volunteer life, and ambition.

Kenneth Wong, student, MAHSA

Do tell us more about yourself. Where do you study and what course are you taking?

I am a 5th-year medical student who enjoys a lot of charitable work, especially helping the homeless people in Kuala Lumpur. I join groups such as Kechara Soup Kitchen and Pertiwi Soup Kitchen, supplying daily essentials like food and clothes to the needy.

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Why did you decide to pursue this degree? Any inspiration behind this choice?

There are two simple reasons for me to study medicine. Firstly, I think studying medicine is very challenging. As a medical student, I will get to meet and communicate with many people in the medical field every day especially the patients. The second reason will be the satisfaction I have gained from this programme. I really like the feeling when I’m able to help a patient to recover from sickness because he or she will be very thankful to me. When I empathise the patients’ inner feelings and thoughts, their gratefulness and sincerity towards me really touch my heart.

My father is someone who really influences me a lot as a role model as he is also a doctor. What he does in his clinic is really interesting and makes me curious about how it is like to be a doctor. Watching him devoting a large portion of his time to help patients, I am inspired and wish to be like him one day.

Kenneth Wong, student, MAHSA

Tell us about your Student Council stint. As the president of Student Representative Council in your school, what are your thoughts about student leadership? How is this helpful in one's future career?

Being in a student council, I have to deal with many people and guide them, making leadership vital in my life. Besides, I think leadership will play a part in my future career because working in the hospital isn’t just about the doctor,  but also involves the interaction among the team members such as with nurses and staffs.

In general, student leadership is important in helping us manage things and work in a team. It is always different between a leader and a boss. A leader requires patience and good communication skills to interact and cooperate with followers. I also believe that leadership skill can improve our decision making in the future because a leader plays an active role in making informed and well-thought judgements. For me, leadership builds our character by shaping positive attitude and mentally preparing us in the working field. You will become more confident when you lead a group of people to accomplish something big.

Being a role model student, how do you think young people of today can spark development and empower themselves to be a catalyst of  change?

To be a catalyst of change, it all starts with the person. It is important for an individual to take an initiative to make a difference in the society. As you become more involved and active in the community, you will have more in-depth understanding of everything and everyone in terms of its needs and opportunities.

Two years ago, I came out with an idea to create a society called the Mahsa Helping Hands to assemble great people who want to do charity work, but have no idea how to start. As we started to promote the society and organise trips, eventually more people joined our society. They gained exposure to the charity works. So, I think being proactive and exposing oneself to the world can help young people today to empower themselves to be a catalyst of change.

Kenneth Wong, student, MAHSA

You seem to know where your future is headed. What do you tell those students who are yet to discover their future path?

Work hard, play harder. I think it is important for students to focus on their studies but they also need to enjoy their college life. Join activities and events to discover their passion and potential. No one knows how the future stands, but we can always prepare ourselves for it. So, I think students nowadays should grab every chance they have as a learning opportunity.

Do not be afraid of mistakes as they teach us important life lessons. Lastly, I think students who want to discover their path must be sincere and determined in achieving their goals. They should keep on trying and don’t give up because whether their action is big or small, it can make a difference to the society or themselves.

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