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5 ways to spend less and get more

June 05, 2018

EasyUni Staff

Fed up of always being broke and having to tighten your belt, especially during the last week before allowance day? Need to put aside something for that prom dress? Hoping to splurge a little on that dream date but worried you won’t have anything left for lunch the next day? Well, then, here are some practical tips on how you can get more from your pocket money.


  1. Make your own breakfast at home

Making breakfast at home

It is not news that it is cheaper to cook your own meals rather than eating out or takeaway but what can you make? Sandwiches perhaps? A loaf of bread, some butter or mayo, lettuce and eggs or tuna is not only delicious, nutritious, filling and easy to make but will also go a long way. If you’re handy with a pan, you could make an omelette. Just heat some oil or butter, pour a couple beaten eggs and away you go!

Or if you’re feeling a little more ambitious and need some carb reinforcement, what about nasi goreng? That’s even more economical. Cooked rice, some oil, onions and eggs are all you need for a basic egg fried rice. No rice cooker? Just buy cooked rice from the gerai.

Too lazy or prefer to sleep than wake up a bit earlier? Then try….


  1. Walking

Pedestrians walking on zebra crossing

Yeah, walk. Instead of taking public transport or an e-hailing services, walk to college or university. Aside from saving on fares you could also easily pack in those 10,000 steps a day needed to stay fit. See, healthy is, well…”wealthy.”

And while you’re at it…


  1. Drink “Sky Juice"

Drinking water from a glass

Or better still, carry a water bottle. So simple. Drop the sugar-laden (expensive) sodas and tariks and just keep to water. Make note of where water fountains are for your refill.

If you’re still saying, “What? Walk in Malaysia? So panas la. Too far,” how about…


  1. Wearing pre-loved clothes

Pre-loved clothing as a cheaper option

“What? Wear other people’s clothes?” “Why not?” Sometimes referred to as “vintage clothing” these are essentially from a past era but could also simply mean clothing that has been previously owned. Wearing vintage is a cult (sort of!) and die-hard lovers hunt down unique pieces especially original ones from a past era. You’ll be surprised how relatively new, unworn and stylish some of them are. You can mix and match them with current fashion and still look hip and trendy without having to sacrifice your lunch money.

Still can’t bring yourself to wear vintage or fear you don’t know how to? Here’s a really easy one….


  1. Hunt for deals online

Get the best deals from SweetSpot

There are lots of sites you can go to and apps you can download which offers all kinds of deals. But which one will give you really good deals? You know, the kind that are so unexpectedly sweet they’ll knock you off your feet. Like for example paying RM 8 for a Starbucks grande. Or RM 6 for fish & chips worth RM 23 at Fish & Co? Excited yet? Or RM 10 for a myBurgerLab burger meal? That’s unbelievably attractive right?

One app that brings you such deals and makes it fun and easy for you to access them is SweetSpot mobile app. Just download either from the App Store or Google Playstore register and sign up for Visa Checkout payment, a secure payment platform that lets you pay from the app safely and swiftly. The app also offers chances to win some wonderful prices now and again, such as movie tickets, Starbucks cards and so much more. Just participate in their surveys or contests or turn out your location so they can push a nearby deal to you. So tunggu apa lagi. Cepat download!

Happy saving!


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