Five Questions You Should Ask Yourself Daily

November 11, 2017

EasyUni Staff

Well, all successful leaders are only there because they WANT to push themselves further each day. And you can do that too! Ask yourself questions every day to stay relevant to your job. Answer these questions truthfully and you may just create the life and career success that has always been your pipe dream.


Am I working towards my goals?

Setting goals in life, whether short or long term, is essential for career growth. Setting goals on a daily basis and working to accomplish them can seriously help organise your daily tasks.

Long term goals? Be it that gaming rig you’re saving for, your dream car, marriage, or even a superbly seemingly ‘unattainable’ retirement plan (opening a bar at a beach and serve cocktails for the rest of your days)…!

Everyone should have long-term goals that the short-term goals work to accomplish!


Am I doing something that’s aligned with “Me”?

“Me” – because every individual is different! What are your core values? Your natural talents and inclinations? It’s important to identify what defines YOU.

Don’t force yourself into doing something you will never enjoy doing because you can never give a 100% unless your job is also your passion. Do something you know you love and you will not only find that you’ll become more productive, but also much, much happier!


Does my job push me forward a little bit more each day?

Doing something that is “you” is not an excuse to stay forever in your comfort zone! No matter how much you love what you do, you cannot grow in your career without a little bit of challenge. Facing an obstacle will be an incredible opportunity for a learning experience. Think of it as a way to ‘level up’ your personal list of skills and knowledge, giving personal growth and building character for a forward career future.

Bill Gates wouldn’t have made Microsoft without the failure of his first business. Benjamin Franklin dropped out of school, but later became one of America’s Founding Fathers. So, startstretching yourself and give challenges a challenge today!


What am I grateful for today?

Everyone has good and bad days (some more bad than good but oh well!). However, staying positive through the storm will help you focus on what matters most and helps you salvage the good even from the bad!

For example, you may have made a mistake at work today. Don’t dwell on it and make it a proof of your inadequacy… but instead, be grateful that you have learned it the hard way! And that lesson will stick with you for all eternity, making sure that you won’t repeat the same mistakes again.

Yes, be grateful for the mistakes done as you would not have known otherwise. As Thomas Edison would put it after many failed experiments on the light bulb, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work!”


What is my future in this job?

Do you see yourself in a higher position in the company? Maybe even being the company’s most valuable asset? If you can picture yourself in the same line of job ten years from now – you’re in the right direction. It simply means that you are content with what you are doing now and the company is your right fit.

If you don’t project yourself that far into the future with the current office, you could say that you are using the time you have now as a ‘stepping stone’, which is not a bad thing either.

So be honest with yourself and repeat these 5 questions daily. It will help you focus better, be on point with your aspirations, and make all the slogging and stressful days much more worth it.

Ask, and you shall receive!


This article was originally written by Rebecca Koay with the title “5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Daily” and was first published on Wobb, a job application platform for millennials who value the importance of good working culture. 

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