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May 18, 2022


Do you have an entire career pathway planned out before you even enrol to a university?

No need to panic if you don’t - not everyone does , which is completely normal and understandable.

If you’re unsure of what to be or what course to choose, there are always assessments and tools that can help you look for your calling. One highly-recommended test is the Myer Briggs Type Indicator Test (MBTI). It is a popular test amongst psychology students and those generally interested in psychology.

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According to, the MBTI test is more of a personality assessment. However, by identifying your personality, you will be able to pinpoint a career that suits you best. This is why the MBTI test is such a popular career assessment tool used by companies, job seekers and now, even students!

Keep in mind that MBTI is just a general framework that guides you to understand yourself better in order to decide a course that suits you.

How does the MBTI test help with choosing your course?

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When you study your personality type, you will be able to identify your personal strengths, weaknesses, as well as interests. These will then help you look for a course that you are truly passionate about.

As it also helps you research jobs that are best for your personality type, you can work backwards from there and identify the course that you want to study.

For example, INFPs are drawn towards the creative arts, such as drawing, painting, writing, and even music. Hence, careers related to writing, designing, and making music will suit them most. This will then lead them to choosing the right course, such as Journalism, Interior Design, Music Production, and more.

What can you identify with MBTI?

1. The learning and work environment that you’re most comfortable in. (Introvert/Extrovert)

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You can easily identify the work and learning environment that you want: a quiet setting with minimal interactions or a loud and cheerful environment where everyone enjoys small talks between break (or during classes).

Introvert (I) - Introverts enjoy their alone time and tend to prefer a small-group outing with meaningful conversations instead of small talks.

Extrovert (E) - If you generally enjoy being around people and feel charged after socialising with others, you are most likely an Extrovert.

2. How you learn and solve problems. (Sensing/Intuition)

Knowing how you prefer to solve problems will help you identify your position within a group during assignments.

Sensing (S) - Refers to how we process information with our senses, such as what we can see with our own eyes (numbers, facts, details).

Intuition (N) - People with N in their MBTI mostly rely on patterns and concepts and lean towards abstract ideas when solving problems.

3. What drives you to make certain decisions. (Feeling/Thinking)

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Decision-making is an important part of your studies and life, so knowing this trait well can help you perform better in university.

Feeling (F) - Refers to how decisions are made with more value than logic, or the ‘Follow your heart’ way. People with Fs in their MBTIs tend to be more empathetic

Thinking (T) - People with this trait take the logical and rational path when making decisions.

4. How you observe the world around you.(Judging/Perceiving)

Regardless of which trait you have, both of them have their own strengths when it comes to dealing with people, assignments, and your own time and thoughts.

Judging (J) - People with this trait appear more organised with their thoughts as they gather information, limit them to a few important ones, and make a decision from them.

Perceiving (P) - Perceivers are open and flexible with their thoughts, and tend to gather as much information as possible before deciding. This causes them to appear less organised, but they are actually doing well regardless of this.

These psychological elements can be combined into a 4-letter MBTI personality type, such as INTP, ENFP, ISTJ, and more, adding up to 16 different combinations. We’re sure you will find one for yourself!

To have a better understanding of what each MBTI personality is about, here’s an entertaining video by YouTuber Frank James who explained them in a comical (but very relatable) way.

Click the link below to watch the YouTube video:

The 16 MBTI Personalities

Below you will find the letter combinations that make up the infamous 16 MBTI personalities. Can you relate to any of them?

INTJ - You are a strategic thinker and have a plan for everything.

INTP - Your love for knowledge is endless and you’re an innovative person.

ENTJ - You’re a bold leader with high levels of imagination and a strong will. 

ENTP - People around you label you as smart, curious, and someone who loves solving intellectual problems. 

INFJ - You’re an inspiring idealist who is also a quiet advocate.

INFP - You have a rich inner world and are highly creative with words, art, and music. 

ENFJ - People see you as a charismatic and strong leader.

ENFJ- You’re a free-spirited social butterfly who is equally enthusiastic and creative. 

ISTJ - You’re a practical individual who seeks facts and logic. 

ISFJ - Your dedication towards your loved ones makes you a reliable protector.

ESTJ - Managing things and people comes easy to you. 

ESFJ - You’re a crowd favourite who is always helpful and caring. 

ISTP - You’re an innovative experimenter who is good with your hands. 

ISFP - You love experiencing something new and are flexible  with everything. 

ESTP - You live on the edge and are smart and highly perceptive.

ESFP - Your enethusiasm and spontaneity energises people around you.

You can take the MBTI test for free from this website:

We hope you will understand your personality better, as well as your greatest strengths and weaknesses and eventually, find a course and career that you will enjoy the most. Good luck!

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