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A Top Academic Achiever’s 5 secrets to acing Law

January 15, 2018

EasyUni Staff

Yee Neng

“I started in ATC when I was in my A-Level course. But initially I didn’t intend to stay - I intended to go overseas. However, given my comfort level at ATC and the possibility of attaining a University of London degree all while studying here, I decided to continue at ATC itself. Besides, the college has always been famous for producing good students.”

Advance Tertiary College (ATC) student Hon Yee Neng knows a thing or two about getting those scores that will land her at the top. Currently among the Top 3 in Malaysia for the University of London Bachelor of Laws programme, Yee Neng dishes about what she’s learnt along the way – and how you, too, can be a top achiever.


Secret 1

Personally, the most difficult part about studying Law lies in getting your answers to stand out from everyone else’s. At times, understanding concepts can be hard, but trying to analyse it in a different light can be all the more challenging at times.


Secret 2

Firstly, you need to be really passionate about Law if you really want to embark upon this journey – before you even start. Other than that, you don’t really need to love reading, in all honesty. Because even if you’re passionate about the subject but don’t like reading, you will end up having to spend countless hours reading.

To know more, you have to read more; isn’t that how it goes? There’s quite a lot of reading, memorising and understanding to get in touch with the subject.


Secret 3

During the exam periods, I wake up at 8am, and study all the way through till 12pm. After taking a nap till 3pm, I then continue studying until night-time; this usually goes on on a daily basis, 3 months prior to May, when our exam takes place. At times I too stick around the library until 9pm – the librarians have come to know me so well now, because of that!

Besides, it’s not just during university that one has to persevere, as a Law student. As I am hoping to be a Human Rights Lawyer in the future, I am currently interning at a Law firm by the name of Jerald Gomez & Associates. I look at their life, now, and realise that it does indeed take quite a lot to be a Lawyer in your own right. Which is why, above all, I stress on the importance of perseverance.


Secret 4

During my A-Level course I met this one lecturer, who I would meet in the mornings since I would come in early. He’s the one who’s been giving me moral support ever since – even before my exam, if I take a photo of my essay, he’ll make sure to check it through, even if he has to do it through WhatsApp! That was extremely nice of him.

He is just one of many of my lecturers who are not just dedicated, but know my classmates and I through and through. Due to the small size of the school, you tend to get very close to your lecturers here at ATC, and they get to know you very well in turn. They know your strengths, your weaknesses, and can give you the best help and direction you may need in your studies.  


Secret 5

It was my mum who originally pushed me towards pursuing my A-Level course at ATC, since the college specialises in Law. Then, it was I who decided to pursue it further, after. Her support for my career and me has gone a long way. Above all, I really want to thank God as well, for this journey. It hasn’t been easy for me, to be entirely honest.

What most people tend to look over, however, is that your support system needs to be yourself as well.

I think when it comes to studies, ATC does it really well. ATC gives you the proper lecturers, lecture notes, everything. What you need on your own, then, is have mental strength, to stay grounded. Because on some days, you just don’t want to study. That’s the problem with external students – we only have one exam per year, so you have to make sure to stay really focused throughout, since the urge to procrastinate due to this can be very hard to deal with. Moreover, since its 100% exam-based, it can get a bit lonely sometimes as well without coursework and such with your fellow classmates because everyone is just studying all the way, all on their own!


Yee Neng at ATC


  • Study Law at Advance Tertiary College (ATC)

ATC, compared to most universities in Malaysia, has a small community of students and lecturers, in that you feel very much so at home – you feel more comfortable. Your lecturers get to know you really well. They all are very focused as well in their subjects too, since ATC specialises in Law and Business alone. If I had the choice to do it all over again, I wouldn’t choose any different. ATC helped me to excel – and it can help you, too!

Yee Neng and Cassandra

Yee Neng with fellow Top 3 student Oh Wan Yee (Cassandra) at the campus’ study room.


Want to be a Top Achiever in Law like Hon Yee Neng? Enrol now at ATC, to make the most of your dreams and education – all at the right price. Get in touch at www.atc2u.edu.my or call +603 2031 0266.

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