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8 Ways to Fool Yourself into Getting Fit

November 11, 2017

EasyUni Staff

Lifting Weight

Some days, it's almost impossible to make it through your to-do list, especially if that to-do list involves busting your butt on a treadmill, or attending that Bootcamp or Crossfit class. The hardest part of getting fit isn't really completing your workout, but getting started in the first place. It's one thing to say you're going, but to actually to do it - well, that's another thing. So, when you're idling on your coach or simply enjoying mindless videos on YouTube, what if you could actually "trick" yourself into getting active, and staying active?

We searched everywhere for the best tips that trainers use to get their clients moving when it's the last thing they want to do. So, if you want to get in shape and stick to your New Year's resolution, start doing these health habits to stay kicking and in the best shape of your life!

Show up!

hand's up

You know the saying, "80% of success is showing up" rings true!

Just get yourself to a gym, box or field and go through whatever class is going on that the time. It helps if you pretend to enjoy the class, and you might just feel that way.

It's a good way to keep yourself psyched and pumped up; plus, you work for different muscle groups each time. 


Sign up for Competition

Stop watch

There's something about signing up for a 5km run, Spartan Race or Crossfit competition that is more than just looking good on Instagram. If you don't train properly, you will probably fall flat on your face as soon as the start whistle blows. Also, if you never take the opportunity to face your fear of competitions, chances are you will black out even before completing that race.


Let Others Track Your Goals

This tip takes it up a notch from having just a motivated workout buddy. Instead, get fitness apps that come with a leaderboard or competition feature. It's a great way to make workouts more fun plus it allows your mates to know if you're sticking to your workouts, win-win! If you like to be private, you can even sign up with a code name instead.


Share on Social Media

Selecting Social Media

By declaring your workout plan on social media, it can actually help you stick to your plan. If you don't, your friends will call you out (which sucks), and if you don't follow through, you'll likely feel like a failure and a lazy liar, not very nice. Posting up your fit plan will help keep you more accountable, plus all the good vibes your friends leave you will give you added motivation too!


Take Weekly Photos

picture for 7 days

Numbers on a scale are deceiving and does not give an indication of your fitness goals. Instead, taking a photo of yourself in your inner-wear or favourite outfit never lies. It'll highlight every curve and bulge from your "before" pics, and motivate you weeks later when you look at how far you've come, which is sometimes hard to tell by looking at the scale or mirror. If you have the guts, up it a notch by posting it on online fitness communities or social media to really drive you to be accountable. 


buy something small, inexpensive stuff, as a reward

Reward Small Wins

Despite what some may think, celebrating small wins go a long way to creating a sustainable way for you to continue staying fit. Create a workout log and attach rewards for say, for every 5 pounds you lose. This can include getting a brand spanking new pair of all-terrain kicks, as well as weekly cheat meals, which by the way is something you should factor in for your diet so as not to go insane.


Give Yourself an Out

Often times, the thought of an hour's workout will have most people staying put on the couch watching your favourite Korean drama. Every time you feel lazy, tell yourself you'll only work out for 15 minutes. When you start moving, chances are you'll keep doing more, as exercise makes you feel good. If you're constantly feeling lazy with long workouts, you can opt for shorter, more intense workouts like HIITs (High-Intensity Interval Training), which you can find plenty online and only take up 10 - 20 minutes. Just start!

Join fitness communities

Getting fit is a continuous process, so staying disciplined with your fitness schedule is key. Get inspired and support from online fitness communities from Reddit, follow your favourite fitness inspirations on Instagram or check out how others are getting and staying fit on Bodybuilding.com.
When it comes to staying fit, every bit of support counts. For the hardcore, you can take it up a notch by uploading videos of yourself talking about your goals, or do your workouts and share it on YouTube, or a like-minded community at GiveIt100.com, a site designed to keep people accountable for 100 days.

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