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Going around Malaysia, we get to see stunning buildings decorating the Malaysian streets and skyline in a vibrant manner. What makes it special is the thought that goes into designing each building, and the complex process of ensuring these building are sustainable, yet contributes value to the Malaysian landscape. With so much to offer to passionate architects, we list out top five (5) reasons why you should study architecture in Malaysia.

  1. Malaysia’s Unique Topography: Malaysia, which is a combination of lush green rural areas and sustainable urban living implores architects to explore ways to highlight her unique features.

  2. Historical Heritage: This can be seen from the Royal Palaces to the colonial era building. This help aspire architects to incorporate historical elements into new designs.

  3. Job Opportunities: As a developing country, one obvious business that is flourishing in Malaysia due to rapid development is, the property development business. This means, more job opportunities available for architecture, engineering and other graduates.

  4. Affordability: The cost of studying architecture in Malaysia is much economical compared to other overseas study destinations.

  5. Quality Education:  The Malaysian architecture education is supervised by two professional bodies which are, Lembaga Arkitek Malaysia (LAM) and Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) which ensures the quality of education in general and the standard of education for architecture.

What qualifications do you need in order to pursue Architecture in Malaysia?

In general, to pursue an Architecture degree in Malaysia, you must meet the following entry requirements:

  1. O-Level / SPM Qualification - Minimum of 5 credits at the secondary school level, including a credit in Mathematics

  2. STPM/STAM - minimum of 2Cs, including mathematics

  3. A-Level - you must have a minimum of 2Cs, including Mathematics.

  4. Foundation/Malaysian Matriculation- Minimum CGPA of 2.5 which varies according to university

Entry qualification may vary depending on the university, hence you should check the admission criteria from the university you are applying for admission. It is required that the university offering Architecture is a recognised university by the Lembaga Arkitek Malaysia (LAM).

How long is an architecture degree?

Normally, it takes approximately three years to obtain a fully accredited degree in Architecture. To practice Architecture in Malaysia after obtaining an Architecture degree, the road does not end here. Lembaga Arkitek Malaysia (LAM), the Board of Architects Malaysia, sets out qualification level for all architects. Basically, the qualifications level are LAM Part I, II and III.

To obtain LAM Part I qualification, you can either sit for individual LAM qualification exams if you have a non accredited Architecture degree or obtain a fully accredited  Architecture degree and have a minimum of 10 years relevant working experience in the field of architecture.

The LAM Part I and Part II examinations enable architect students to be registered as a Graduate Architect, and facilitate students who wish to sit for the LAM Part III Professional Examination. People with Part I are only referred to as Assistant Architects. Those with Part II, are referred as Graduate Architects. To obtain Part II certification, you must study for another two years equivalent to a Master’s degree in Architecture.

Passing the LAM Part III will entitle you to register as an Architect with the board and qualify you as a Professional Architect. In order to acquire LAM Part III, you are required to have two years of experience as a practicing architect and meet all the project requirements set by LAM.

Cost of studying architecture

Architecture degree costs on average RM 60,000 - 80,000 for the whole course.

The fees varies for each university. This fee includes tuition fees, insurance fees, library and other minor fees.

Professional practice

Lembaga Arkitek Malaysia (LAM) has forged partnerships with the APEC Architect Programme, ASEAN Architect Council and ASEAN Malaysian Monitoring Committee.

The agreement with these partners enable architects to work professionally as well as share best industry practices in ASEAN and APEC member countries. 

Architects who have the licensing certificate or valid professional registration and have finished an accredited architectural deagree recognised by the professional architectural accreditation body whether in the country of origin or host country or assessed and recognised as having the equivalent of such a degree can practise and share their services and knowledge in other countries.


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