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GIST International College

Suzhou Shi, Jiangsu Sheng, China
Campus setting Information not available
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Student population Small
International students 30%
Institution type Private

About GIST International College

GIST International College is the first standalone international college to be approved by the Jiangsu Provincial Government. We are set to lead a new dimension to offer an option to obtain a foreign degree from established universities around the world in Suzhou, China. It goes hand in hand with the emergence of China as the new world economic and technology powerhouse.

GIST International College provides high-quality education that supports the fast growth agenda of the region through our Colleges, training centres and partner network. We are strongly supported by our industrial partners, who include big names like Microsoft, Motorola, Cisco, Apple and a lot more, and all of them are present in SIP. Through our industrial partners, students have an opportunity to apply for internship in these companies.

You will also find two mobile technology laboratories, set up by Microsoft and Apple China, to train students in software and application design using Android & Apple's mobile operating system (iOS). These are real-life projects from these two giant companies; enabling students to create their own work portfolio and a possible opportunity to work in these major corporations upon graduation. Thus, in GIST International College, we DELIVER THE DIFFERENCE through innovation in our education policies and emphasis on skills development in line with academic excellence of our graduates.

Campus information

GiST International College, in collaboration with our associate colleges and universities abroad,offers a broad range of courses ranging from Pre-Degree to Undergraduate, Pre-MBA to Post Graduate Courses and Executive Training Programmes.

These courses have been specially designed to give the best preparation to our students in pursuing their goals. GEM's aim is to promote transnational education in China and also offer local students an opportunity to obtain foreign degrees. We engage with industry and the professions in our teaching so our graduates can gain professional experience and are immediately able to put this knowledge into practice. Our courses are designed to be relevant to theworld of work, preparing graduates with transferable skills, which is one reason why our graduates within our GEM Group of Colleges have proven to be so successful in the job market. 100% of our pioneer group of graduates are employed or leave for further study within six months upon graduation.

All our courses at GEM International are designed to include transferable skills that are highly prized by employers: typically in computer literacy, group work, written and verbal communication, analysis and presentation. Even more highly prized are the work placements which many of our students complete as part of their course itself.

The practical nature and international approach taken at GEM International prepares students for a career with multinational companies or to start their own business. We provide links with global names in industry and our work placements scheme is a key reason why our graduates are successful once they enter the world of work.

Our student service team are trained in dealing with the difficulties overseas students may face after their arrival, from meeting them at the airport, opening bank accounts, finding accommodation, registering with the police and medical centres, designing individual study programmes, address student visa-related issues, to counselling other personal matters.

In addition to the services comparable to a boarding school, our students also enjoy the benefits of a university level environment, which provides excellent facilities, including libraries, Internet access, sports facilities, club activities, etc. Our colleagues at the GEM Group of Colleges campuses in Suzhou are very friendly and ready to receive you. We hope you will choose to join us.

GIST International College is situated in Dushu Lake Higher Education Town within Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP); a joint development project between the Government of Singapore and the Government of China. There are currently over 100 Fortune 500 companies, 2900 multinational companies and more than 9000 domestic China giant companies in SIP, and this provides new job opportunities for foreign expatriates and graduates who have English proficiency and China experience.

Dushu Lake Higher Education Town is a centralized area of high quality education. It is 79 km away from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport which offers regular shuttles between the two cities. There is a direct bus service from Suzhou Train Station passing through the North Coach Station to the University. By train, the trip takes 45 minutes. 


MBA APARTMENT (3 rooms) 

  • Rental (3 months): RMB 3000 (USD 501) - per student
  • Deposit (1 month): RMB 1000 (USD 167) - per student 


  • Rental (3 months): RMB 2820 (USD 468) - per student
  • Deposit (1 month): RMB 940 (USD 156) - per student  


  • Payment: Quarterly (1st payment: 3 months rental + 1 month deposit)
  • Rental excludes all utility costs.
  • Each apartment has 3 bedrooms, shared bathroom and living room.
  • Among facilities provided includes: Sofa, Beds, Pillows & Bedding Linen, Desk & Tables, Wardrobe, Air-Conditioning, Washing Machine, Internet Access, Refrigerator & Microwave Oven.

R&D APARTMENT (2 rooms)

  • Rental (3 months): RMB 4410 (USD 735) - per student
  • Deposit (1 month): RMB 1470 (USD 245) - per student


  • Payment: Quarterly (1st payment: 3 months rental + 1 month deposit)
  • Rental excludes all utility costs.
  • Each apartment has 2 bedrooms, shared bathroom, kitchen, living room and balcony. 
  • Among some of the facilities provided includes: Sofa, Beds, Pillows, Desk, Tables, Air-Conditioning, Washing Machine, Internet Access, Refrigerator, Microwave Oven & Gas Stove.


  • Rental (3 months): RMB 5400 (USD 900) - per student
  • Deposit (1 month): RMB 1800 (USD 300) - per student


  • Offers 4 bedroom and 6 bedroom apartments, each comes with: independent bedrooms, independent bathrooms, kitchen, living room & balconies. 
  • Apartments include individual bedrooms, bathrooms, shared kitchen & living room area. 
  • Only one person per bedroom is permitted. 
  • Located 1.5km from GIC
  • Among some of the facilities provided includes: Dining Table, Chairs, Beds with Mattresses, Wardrobes, Pillows, Covers, Bedsheets, Refridgerator, Central Heating System (non-electric) & Cleaning Service.


Courses available 10

Accounting and Finance 1 Business and Management 6 Computer Science and IT 4 Engineering 2



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