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American University in Bulgaria


New Alumni Survey Shows AUBG Graduates On Top of the World

27 Oct 2016

The American University in Bulgaria marked its twenty-fifth anniversary with yet another feather in its cap. The results of the most recent Alumni Placement and Salary survey came out in mid-September and show AUBG graduates on top of the world with 99.8 percent employed or enrolled in grad school within a few months of graduation.

Further, 65 percent of respondents had received more than one job offer or higher degree program acceptance letter when they applied for work or a higher degree upon graduation.

Results on compensation are remarkable. Approximately 20 percent of alumni surveyed earn more than $100,000/year and over 20 percent of alumni from 1995-2005 who are currently working in the US earn more than $250,000/year.

A solid 11 percent of AUBG graduates demonstrate entrepreneurial skills, either owning or partnering in their own businesses.

Alumni have also proven their hunger for continued learning. Over 45 percent of respondents have attained a Master's Degree and 6 percent have attained a PhD and 0.8 percent a JD.

The survey also showcases the value of liberal arts education – 70 percent of the participants have opted for and graduated with two majors and 55 percent have graduated with a minor; 15 percent had two majors and a minor.

The outstanding outcomes of the Alumni Placement and Salary survey show that, in terms of professional realization, AUBG scores shoulder-to-shoulder with world-renowned universities. 

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