Positive Results Recorded for STPM 2015

November 11, 2017

EasyUni Staff

(Photo courtesy of The Star Online)

From 2.62 in 2014, 2015's National CGPA has increased to 2.65. Students who have scored a CGPA of 3.50 and above have also increased by 1.22%. Positive showing was also recorded for students who got 3.0 and above (2.61% increase), 2.50 and above (2.52% increase), and 2.00 and above (0.85% increase). Further, students who have passed four or five subjects have also improved, with 1.91% increase as compared to 2014.

"This gives a clear picture that improvement is consistent in the examinations," Malaysian Examination Council (MPM) president Professor Datuk Seri Dr Mohamed Mustafa Ishak, who also announced an increase in CGPA of takers from rural area - 2.61 in 2015, as compared to 2.54 in 2014. Meanwhile, candidates from urban area recorded CGPA of 2.67, as compared to previous result of 2.64.

"The gap between urban and rural candidates is becoming smaller compared to previous years," he said. “If this achievement trend continues, the gap between those in the urban and rural areas can be reduced,” he added.

However, a slight decrease have been recorded, with only a total of 40,995 students or 97.64% of takers passed, as compared to 41,3715 or 97.81% of 2014. In addition, the number of students who have scored a CGPA of 4.00 have also dipped this year from 390 to 355.

Despite the drop, Professor Datuk Seri Dr Mohamed Mustafa said that results may improve after the scheduled exam re-take from 3 to 9 March.

Students can view the results by visiting mpm.edu.my or through SMS: Type STPM RESULT . Identity Card and send to 15888. 

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