Gentlemen Style: What To Wear To University

November 11, 2017

EasyUni Staff

Previously we posted about a Capsule Wardrobe for the ladies, and now it’s time for guys version. Basically you only need some basics to mix and match to create different styles everyday! Below is a picture from pinterest to give you a rough idea.

guys capsule wardrobe



Now, decide how many clothes you want to have in your wardrobe. You may refer to the list below as a guideline. Feel free to add / remove items from the list. But a gentle reminder: do not exceed the number of clothes you have promised at first yeah. There is a reason of it being called “Capsule Wardrobe”!

You know, many guys are not interested in shopping and even finding it annoying. Anyway, when you’re shopping, try to find the colour and style that best suits you, and adjust accordingly! (Erm… Grey, Khaki, Navy Blue and Black colours seem formal and smart)



(    ) White Shirt w/ collar
(    ) T-shirts

(    ) Denim
(    ) Blazer
(    ) V-neck Jumper
(    ) Sweater

(    ) Slim Dark Jeans
(    ) Slim Chinos
(    ) Casual Jeans
(    ) Shorts

(    ) Formal Occasions

(    ) Brogues
(    ) Sneakers
(    ) Casual slippers
(    ) Sports


(    ) Sunglasses
(    ) Socks
(    ) Belts
(    ) Watches
(    ) Ties

Also, I would like to add one more to the list:

Traditional Clothing - Kurta looks formal and smart as well! So if you are bored with blazer, maybe can try to put on your traditional suit for the next presentation (better to confirm with your lecturer though).



  • No one actually remember what your basics are as long as you mix and match your clothes to make them appear in different styles.
  • Since there are not many varieties of shirt styles available in the market, guys should take extra cautious when it comes to the choice of colour, the length of sleeves, and the size (not too tight as a Chinese Dumpling, and not too loose as though it is your grandfather’s old clothes).
  • Be sure to have more accessories especially socks and belts.
  • The picture is only for a reference. Wearing a pea coat or a trench coat in Malaysia is some sort of a suicidal act, and you might get heat stroke if you walking under the sun in it.
  • Capture a picture of each of your clothes so you would remember what you have mixed and matched previously (and then you already have picture for your #OOTD :p ).

Welcome to the fashion world. You can try to challenge yourself to wear brighter colors, like pink! *wink*


(Credit to Ivy Loh)

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